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I love my dad but...

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My Freckles is nearing the end, which I have on another thread:


One of my brothers has a stray hanging around his place that he can't keep because his cat is very territorial. My father, without asking me, said that if my brother can trap the cat "your sister will take it." My father wants to make sure the kitty has a home before winter, and in all honesty Freckles doesn't have long. Yet he's hanging on. I live in an one bedroom apartment and it would be hard to keep the new cat isolated in the bedroom and deny Freckles (and Bob) access.

I don't object to another kitty, it's just that the timing is terrible. Anyone else gone through something like this?
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Oh, I'm so sorry to here the news about Freckles. Just know that he will always be in your heart for ever and ever! How old is he?

Well, I hope things work ut well for you and this kitty who needs a home. Maybe you could post flyers in your area for anyone who might want to take care of him! Good luck!
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Sounds like your father MEANS well, but committing you to adopt a cat without asking you? Seems a little weird to me...
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He knows that I'll give the cat a good home, and he doesn't want me or Bob to be lonesome. Before Freckles got sick I talked about adding a 3rd cat once I moved later this year and I think that's why he thought I would be interested. He can't take the cat because there are 2 dogs in the house, one being a certified cat hater.
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