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Okay, so we went away for the weekend Fri - Sun and had my parents watch the cats (checking on them twice on Sat) and Cody pee'd all over our dining room window seat!!!! Had to just throw away the 2 cute pillows and clean up the entire STINKY mess. And it's wood so it's never going to come out, we're going to have to completely replace everything. I just don't understand it. The litter boxes were all clean, there was food...I just don't get it. She's driving us crazy. Could this have been seperation anxiety? Anyone ever experience this? Our entire house is now baby gated up so she can't destroy the rest of the house. This has been happening on and off for the entire 6 years we've had her. I feel like once I finally get the smell out, she does it agian, in a different room!!!

(For those of you who haven't read my other posts, we've had her to 2 vets and tested for just about everything under the sun to rule out UTI, sicknesses, etc. They didn't find anything. She has had UTI's before so I called the Vet and he asked that I bring her and a urine sample to test again. Or he said if that's not it, we can put her on anti-anxiety meds)

UGH! Anyone go through this before?