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Baby teeth not falling out

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OK question, we just got back from the vet and they found kirra has two sets of upper k-9's. Her adult ones came in next to the baby so it didnt push the baby ones out. He said that this does sometimes happen at that they will still fall on their own sometimes as long as the root of the baby one desolves. He said since she is only 4 months old that we shouldnt worry till she is 9 months, if they havent fallen out by than we will have to removed them. Has anyone else incountered this? Its wierd looking to see, gonna have to try and get hubby to help me take pics to show you.
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I've had it happen before, not a big deal.
I was told to just keep an eye on it and if the gums around the crowded teeth appear red or swollen to bring them in to have the baby teeth extracted, otherwise just wait.
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That happened to Maui... he was about 7 months old though when it did...

It looks goofy with 2 sets of teeth, doesn't it?!

His ended up falling out on their own- he didn't have both sets for very long but he wasn't as young as your baby. I actually found one of his too!
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Not goofy, but scary - especially since the adult set is bigger then the baby set!
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One of my fosters last year had that. I found it cute. They fell out within a week of each other very soon after he turned 5 months old.
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I think every kitten I had thru the 4-8 month stage I noticed the double fangs in their mouth when they are teething. I just had one a month ago and the vet insisted she was over a year old. The vet was looking only at one side of her mouth, looking at one fang where the adult one already came in and saw the ridge in it. She said she has never seen a kitten with an adult tooth with a ridge in it like an older cat would have. On the other side of the kittens mouth she had an adult fang and a baby fang which hadn't fallen out yet to prove that she really was only about 5 or 6 months old or so.
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whelp she lost one of the two baby ones last night so now she looks REALLY FUNNY lol. i am just glad we were able to pin point her age for sure, 4 months, 5 months at the end of this month.
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