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Introducing dogs and cat

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Well it is time....Brady will get the run of the house soon.

He has been in our spare bedroom downstairs for almost a month. My two dogs have been wondering what the heck I do in that room. They do understand that Brady is 'special' to me . He was a semi-feral, and he trusts me.

My two dogs are Zircon and Sophia. Both enjoy cats and see them as playmates if they are in the house. Zircon is sensitive and perceptive. If a cat hisses at him, he just backs off. Sophia is kind of a dummy-wants to be everyone's friend and doesn't understand why a cat would not want to be her friend. A couple of times I let the dogs in so that they could get used to Brady's smell. At first Brady would hide. Now I am leaving the door open just a crack, and Brady hissed at Sophia (which I consider progress).

At this point I think everyone has smelled everybody else, but Brady does not trust the dogs. I understand that, but at some point Brady needs to have the run of the house. Supposedly he likes dogs better than cats, at least that is wht his foster parents said.
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Is Brady back to using just the covered litter box now?
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He switches back and forth, all around. I think he pretty much poos in the covered one and pees in the open one. I did find a tootsie roll in front of the open one Sunday. So I went in and emptied botox boxes and put in fresh litter, also put in a new floor cover. As long as he is in there with the LBs in the closet I have been putting a mattress pad or old blanket on the rug.

I think he did not like the cedar chip litter, and I KNOW he does not like the crystals. Still, those crystals help a lot with the stench so I have been putting some on the very bottom, then the cedar chips, and then the cheapo little rocks that he seems to like. For now I think LB is not an issue. In the long run his litter box will not be where it is now (guest room closet) but out in a downstairs hallway that is quiet most of the time.
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I was just asking b/c I know you want him using the covered one when he's got the run of the house. You could try adding the Arm & Hammer Litter Box Deoderizing Powder, then you won't have to use the crystals, that stuff works wonders on our litterbox!
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