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Nails splitting?

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We trim Orions nails as needed, and we only ever cut the sharpest points off, since we wrestle so much with him, and don't want to be shredded.

ANyways, we use a sharp blade, and the cutters where you put thier nail in the little hole and squeeze the handle, since I heard those are the best to use. Recently, though, when we cut them, they crack and split down the sides. The blade is still sharp, we even tried getting a brand new cutter, but our old blade was even sharper than the new one..so we're at a loss.

I don't want to hurt his little paws with those split nails. Could it be a deficieny of some sort? He's a good eater..gets Meow Mix, and Fancy Feast, or those Whiskas bits...so I'm not feeding him any cheapo stuff, yanno?

Is there maybe something I should supplement his diet with to make his nails not split? Or a product to try?

Purrs, and Nuzzles

SPring and Orion
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Orion is just over a year old.

Get this, today the little bugger broke out of the house, and went and climbed the tree. This, of course, split one of his claws more, and hubby says there is a little dried blood on one.

The vet said that as long as he's not bleeding now, to watch them closely, and if they start to grow back oddly, or if the continue to split during the next couple of clippings, to bring him in for a check-up.

Poor guy, he just got over an URI, and he HATES the car rides to the vet. I feel like such a mean mommy having to make him go.

Spring and Orion
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