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stillborn kitten

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hi everyone...

about a month ago i took in a stray cat because it was raining outside and i felt bad for her...and we noticed that she was pregnant....this morning around 10:30...i found a dead kitten underneath my bed...not too far from the mom...it is now almost 10 at night...and there's still no other kittens...the mom is just laying on the floor on her side....there doesn't seem to be any discharge...and she still looks pregnant....is there any cause for concern here?
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Yes, moderately. Single-kitten litters are not very common; it is possible that her labor has stopped for some reason, and this can be dangerous because now that her uterus is open to the outside, she can easily get infected.

I would call the vet and ask whether you should bring the cat in. He will likely say yes.

If she is straining as though trying to give birth to another kitten, and it has been this long, she may have a kitten stuck and need a C-section. If that is so, she needs to go to the vet ASAP. Call so that they can prepare.
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