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Update on Lexi

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Hi everyone! Sorry it's been so long since I've posted, but I thought I'd wait for a little progress first. To remind you, Lexi is my little 6 yr. old potato that I trapped and brought home back in December. Things were rough back then and progress was little, if any. But now to catch you all up. Lexi no longer has a crate up on a table in her room - both have been removed. She uses her litter box, eats from my fingers (when it's something she's craving), sleeps in an open bed on the floor, allows me to brush her from head to tail, pet her neck and back, rubs slightly against me when I'm sitting on the floor, will jump up to look out the window when I'm at the computer that's right next to it, comes to me purring every morning when I am sitting on the floor and first open her screen door to let her out, and still loves her brother Mr. Clawd very much (but finally doesn't bug him for all of his attention anymore -they now spend hours together), and 60% of the time will come out of her room when I call her! And although she still desires most of her time alone, and dislikes actually seeing my hands (and bats at them when in reach), I believe she'll eventually get past this, too. Just a big THANK YOU from me and Lexi to all of you, for all of your words of support, encouragement, and advice. Lexi has come this far because of all of you.

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Oh I remember Lexi, it's great to hear that she's doing so well! It sounds like she's a regular member of the family now!
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Aw, sweet Lexi!!
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I guess Lexi's rescue happened when I wasn't very active at TCS - but it sure sounds like you've done a great job!
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All your patience and hard work have paid off. It's been a long time since last December, but look at all the progress made. I'm so glad Lexi has come around and become part of the family. Job well done!

And continue with the updates, I love success stories, big and small.
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