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Do you constantly..

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Squash your kitties in bed and apologise during your sleep?
T&K usually both sleep on my bed with me, but teufel absolutely loves the pillows i bought earlier on in the year. I constantly wake up to find i just squashed Teufel with my head, i apologise and then move to the other side, then do it about 3 times after that, but he still wont move!
I dont do it intentionally, i love it when he sleeps above my head just sometimes i feel so horrible!
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I used to do it all the time But now Reilly sleeps with the babies and Tiger will sleep on DH's pillow. The one who gets kicked outta the bed is Jake. He's 70lbs now and thinks he's still a puppy. He will sleep on my feet and ends up getting kicked. I apologize and tell him to get down. He has his own bed on the floor next to our bed and sneaks into our bed every night
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haha, heyu used to try and sleep right aganist my back. i rolled over on her so many time, now she sleeps onthe other side of the bed when the wife is not there. Or sleeps at the bottom of it.
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