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Originally posted by autumngirl
The plus-sized ex-Playboy Playmate has dispatched her lawyer to court
I hate that the first thing they use to describe her is "plus sized!" Who cares if she is chunky?! I doubt articles about Calista Flockhart begin "The anorexic and pale actress..." Why does our weight have to define who we are?

Okay, I'm done ranting!

Jeanie, I agree that MM's fascade was unnecessary... especially when you look at the other glamorous women of the time. It is too bad that she allowed herself to become who she most did not want to become.
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See I am not fond of that either - but I think her being a Playboy Playmate targets her for media attention to every tiny ounce she gains... Thank God I am not a celebrity - I couldn't take the backstabbing talk!!!
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I agree with the weight issue, too ..... I don't think it's fair that society does this to people whether they are overweight or not.

I missed the first 15 minutes of the true story of her life, but was her son born while she was in high school? That cracked me up to see her talking that way to him ....... he was on him computer like 'ok, mom, whatever' type of attitude. :LOL:
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As much as everyone is complaining about it, I just saw on Headline News at lunch that the show got E! the best rating ever. So for all of you who watched it and were appalled, figure on more of this "trash TV" to come. They have no reason not to.
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Wow, that is surprising. I think though, IMO, there's a lot more trashier shows on TV than this one, such as Howard Stern, even though I watch it sometimes. :LOL:
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You're right, of course. There is much trashier on TV - like all the Fox reality shows! LOL (I'm addicted to Fox, so I can say that! ) Jerry Springer still being on the air is proof that Americans love their Trash!

Of course, their rating was only a 4.1, which I think means 4.1% of the viewing public was watching that show. Still, that's a fair amount who were interested enough in her to tune in.
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But the ratings are deceptive... I have heard and am waiting for it to be confirmed... the majority that tuned in were men (who most likely were expecting the Playboy Pin-Up from the past.) Now that they have seen her now, they won't watch again.
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Oh Tigger, don't even get me started on that slime ball Howard Stern!!

Jay Leno had a comment to make about Anna Nicole Smith tonight...he said two more miners had turned up missing and had been located in her cleavage, and they had to send down an airhose, that was attached to her head!! :LOL: :laughing:
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That was a funny joke, lol! For the majority time, Howard Stern irritated the hell out of me, but sometimes he can be funny.
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Debby, That was so funny! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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Jay Leno comes up with some good ones!! :laughing: (although I'm sure he doesn't write them)
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Marilyn Monroe had something called "borderline personality disorder", which is typified by an extreme fear of intimacy, low self-esteem, an inability to form personal relationships, as well as a belief that you have no "real" identity. Many actors do suffer from this disorder, since the only time they can feel whole is when they are pretending to be someone else. They try on identities in the hopes that one will make them feel right about themselves.
In short, if she seems phony to you, it's only because she feels phony to herself as well.
I'm reading a fascinating book about it (which mentions M. M. in passing, but it isn't about her, it's about the disorder), called "I Hate You - Don't Leave Me". I would really recommend it. Turns out I know other people who have BPD as well. It is actually quite common.
Sorta off the topic, but I thought maybe someone might be interested.
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