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Anna Nicole Smith

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Is anyone going to tune into MTV to see how her show is? I'm going to see how stupid it is. She is soooooooooo dumb & big. She's so out of it, too. The E! True Hollywood story of her is going to be on before it.
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No, she is such a skanky pig! I'll stick to the Osbornes.
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Why would ANYONE give that gold-digging, empty-headed bimbo any crdibility, by putting her life on TV? She should spend some of that money on a brain implant.
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I was watching something on E! last week, and all they showed were commercials for this idiot's show nonstop. I wouldn't watch it if it were the last thing on tv.
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It just shows that they'll put anything on TV. How sad, sometimes I wonder if she is mentally all there. She always seems to be playing the little girl who needs to be taken care of.
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I did watch it it was suppose to be funny, but I found it more tragic than anything else. There is definitly something wrong with her, and I couldn't find it humerous. It was sad.
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I didn't watch it, although I probably would watch it once if I got the chance, just to see how awful it is.

I think she is just plain disgusting.
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RIght now, I'm watching the E! True Hollywood story on her that I recorded on TiVo. I feel sorry for her ...... she just isn't all there, mentally. It's sad how it seems like she destroyed a great modeling career. If you notice when she was first signed up with Playboy and Guess Jeans, she talked normally ...... Now, it's just like she isn't there. Maybe from the drugs she took?
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Ok, I watched the actual show, and found it kind of hilarious. Honestly, I think she portrays herself as a dumb bimbo, lol! For those of you who did watch it....... watch from the time they do the actual interview with her (the one with out her makeup) and when they house hunting and at the Guess 20th anniversary party ...... She goes from sounding to a normal human being to a dumb airhead. I think I'll keep watching it for fun, even though her voice is kinda irritating.
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I think for one that her "airhead" act is just that, an act. I've seen her interviewed ( from the court case when she married the old guy) and she actually talked normal and sounded somewhat intelligent. I think she makes more money when she acts the dumb blonde part, so she milks it.

I didn't watch the show, and I don't think I ever will.
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"Sorry" is the last thing I feel for that woman...however I do think she IS sorry...not as in about what she has done, but as in a sorry excuse for a human being.
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I don't get very many evenings, at home and I don't want to waste them, watching garbage like this!

If not for the History Channel, A & E, Disovery and MSNBC, our TV would hardly ever be on.
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Still hitting myself for watching such garbage!

BIG BROTHER 3 is better television than the "Anna Boobie Show"
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Originally posted by Lhezzza
Still hitting myself for watching such garbage!

BIG BROTHER 3 is better television than the "Anna Boobie Show"
:LOL: THAT'S what they should call it!! Good one!
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Every time I see an interview with her, I think "Man, is she STONED!". I'll admit, if I had cable, I'd watch the show, just to see if she's as out of it as she seems.
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Nobody ever went broke, by UNDERestimating the taste and intelligence, of the American people.
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She couldn't be any more obvious than Marilyn Monroe. I hate to speak ill of the dead, but she was a total phony. She and Jackie Onassis had the same voice. It was about as natural as plastic. Some men seem to like that kind of an act. Maybe we're the dumb ones; these women were/are immensely wealthy! I couldn't live with myself though; I'd be nauseated every time I looked in a mirror.
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If being like Anna Nicole Smith is what it takes to be filthy rich, I'll just stay poor, thank you very much! Wouldn't trade places with her when she stands before God someday. She will have alot to answer for.
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Oh, the agony! I ran into this by mistake, and watched what I could stand. I saw a fat drunk woman (or REALLY stoned) simulate sex on a bed, get stuck in a bathtub, and whine a LOT about puking. She also mentioned some very personal activities that should not be on my TV. My TV felt so violated, it begged to be shot, Elvis-style. I had to put it out of its misery.
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RIP, Bubbles' TV.
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A little off topic, but regarding Marilyn Monroe, I read in Psychology Today that the reason she talked the way she did was actually to control her stuttering. She stuttered all through her childhood and young adult life, but apparently found that talking "breathy" made speaking easier. She also hated the fact that she was always typecast as the dumb-blonde-bombshell, the same as Vivien Leigh hated being typecast in period pieces, especially as the Southern Belle after Gone With The Wind. I'm not saying that Marilyn was an angel; we all know better than that. But she wasn't anything near as bad as the huge phony known as Anna Nichole Smith.
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I was flipping channels and stopped. The woman needs some serious help. She commented on how POOR she is and then buys this absolutely HUGE house. Tosses her dog a teddy bear and laughs as the dog starts humping the stuffed animal, talks about how she will love parading around her house nude all the time with her son living right there with her. I have always known she is trashy, but without makeup she is horrifying... all I can say is that she really needs some help and she also struck me as being sick. Very ill - without makeup her skin color was not right.
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Sorry to be a pain in the butt here..... but who the heck IS this woman!! This thread is cracking me up but I have no idea who you are talking about!?!?!?!?!? A little help anyone??
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Rhea, Anna Nicole Smith is the young woman (floosey)who married a very very old man, who was obviously on his last legs, just to inherit his money. She said she "loved" him....he was like 100 years old...well, not quite, but close, and there was a huge court battle afterwards between her and his son.

I am sure someone else can give you better details about it, I am just going from memory, and that is the main thing I remember, but I know there is alot more to it...

Anyone else that can tell Bodlover some more about her?

Anyway...she is a disgusting person, in my book! It's not that i don't believe that a woman could fall in love with an elderly man, that's not it, I am sure that could happen, but not with this chick...she was in it for the money...and got it.
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I was channel surfing last night and ran into this show. I saw the part where she was speaking to her son on the telephone. It was completely and totally disgusting. I feel so sorry for that boy. If he doesn't end up with some serious psychological problems, I would be surprised. She was using her drunken sex-kitten voice while talking to him and asking him how much he loved her and whether he wanted to come kiss her. I felt like I needed a shower after seeing that.

By the way, Marilyn Monroe was sexually and physically abused as a child. So, she was sexually exploited throughout her life. We use her as a case study when training CASA (court appointed special assistant) volunteers.
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Anna Nicole was a Playboy bunny in the early 1990's - a ditzy blonde (and I am blonde myself, but she was the poster child for why there are so many dumb blonde jokes...) She did many posings for the magazine over the years until in her mid-20's (I think that is how old she was) she married an 87 year old very wealthy man who died shortly after. She wanted all of his money, but his children sued her and won. She did eventually get some money from the estate though, I saw that a few months ago.
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Thank you!!! That explains it so much better than I did! I knew he was old, but not how old, and I knew she did get some money, but didn't know if it was all or part of it.

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She was also well known for being chosen as the Guess model. It was a really big deal because she wasn't a size 2. She was more "hefty" at a size 8, I think.
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Okay, I thought she got a "small" amount- I was SO wrong... here is the article from a few months back.

Yahoo News...

Apparently, $88 million just isn't enough for Anna Nicole Smith.

The plus-sized ex-Playboy Playmate has dispatched her lawyer to court to ask for $30 million in interest on the huge chunk of money she scored from the estate of her deceased hubby, that very old oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall II.

Smith's lawyer, Philip Boesch, made the formal request to U.S. District Judge David O. Carter Monday at the federal courthouse in Santa Ana, California.

Carter had ruled March 7 in favor of Smith in her long running dispute with her stepson, E. Pierce Marshall. Citing "malicious misconduct" on the part of the young Marshall, Carter awarded the once-upon-a-time model $44 million of her departed spouse's reputed $1.2 billion fortune, plus another $44 million in punitive damages.

Howard Marshall died in 1995, at the age of 90, leaving his estate in a trust, which included no mention of Smith or his other son, J. Howard Marshall III. But, as Carter's ruling stated, Smith (whose goes by her married name, Vickie Lynn Marshall, in court papers) had a reasonable expectation of receiving a portion of her husband's fortune.

Now, Smith's legal crew reckons that the 34-year-old entertainer is due interest on her portion dating back to the time of her husband's passing.

The judge says he will issue a decision at a later date.

Surprising no one, lawyers for E. Pierce Marshall immediately cried foul and stated they will appeal on the grounds Texas law "does not provide for the relief she's asking for."

Pierce Marshall's spokesman David Margulies was a bit more blunt in comments to the Associated Press: "When their client gets $6 million for every month of marriage and then goes back and asks for more, it's unbelievable."
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Heidi and lotsocats, I know M.M.'s mother was in a mental hospital, and that she had problems with depression and craved attention, but she was still a phony. When asked what she wore to bed, her answer, "Chanel No. 5" was not designed to attract people to her mind. She admitted that "Marilyn" was a character she could take off and put on. I was just surprised that so many men thought she was sexy. Any woman could put on that facade; they choose not to. She had a pretty face and a great figure, which I believe was natural. I don't think she had to use the "Marilyn" character. I'm comparing her with her peers, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, even Jane Russell, who achieved stardom and respect without a facade.
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