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Buying cat medicine online?

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I live in a very rural area of the country. If a person has an emergency it
can take a good long time for help to arrive. Same with cats which leads
me to my question.

Is it possible to buy cat medicine online especially antibiotics? I am fully
aware of the ongoing problem of antibiotics -and- humans. That is anti-
biotics are becoming less effective because they have been overprescribed.
I understand giving antibiotics for cat when they are unnecessary will make the antibiotic less effective later on in the cats life. I am looking to buy antibiotics for emergencies, when i can not get my cat to a vet.
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You might want to try UPCO.com. I think they have antibiotics, I know they have vaccines.
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The antibiotics may need a prescription to buy them which would no doubt require a vet visit anyway, unless you have made arrangements with the vet to get the scrip.
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This site sells antibioitics for cats. Its really best that you do take the cat in to the vets. But in a emergency I would also have some on hand .Only to be used if it was impossible to get the cat to the vets in a timely fashion.
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I buy Clavanox at http://EntirellyPets.com. I like to keep it on hand in case of an emergency. It cost $9.85 there and my vet charges $29.00 and it is the real stuff. I've been buying from them for years. You will need to get a prescription from your vet.
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If you have a regular vet, I would talk to him/her about this situation and ask if you could get an antibiotic from him to have on hand. The other issues may well be an expiration date and storage. If you have the antibiotic for any length of time it may not be any good by the time you need it anyway.
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