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It's A ..........................

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YAY!!!! Just what I wanted. I cant stay on long enough to post any more but I just wanted to pop on and tell you guys. I'm gonna have a baby girl!
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Thats awesome, CONGRATS
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Do you have a name yet?

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Glad you got your wish!!!
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I'm soooo excited!!!! Can we all be her TCS Aunts/Uncles???That would rock!!! I'm glad you are expecting just what you wanted! That's wonderful news! And the best part is she's healthy right now Congradualtions! You're gonna be such a wonderful momma when this little one is born!
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How wonderful!!! I'm so happy for you!You'll have to keep us posted about your pregnancy and all.
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Congrats you are getting your girl!!!
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Oh you're just going to LOVE having a little girl.
It's a blast in the clothes section!
Yay! Congratulations! This is exciting!
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Now i wish i was pregnant!
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Oh wow! Congratulations
It's lovely to hear you so excited about this
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Yay! Congrautlations! That is sooo exciting! My best friend is expecting a girl, and let me tell you, there are adorable clothse out there for girls! I spent one of the gift cards I got for my birthday on baby clothse for her because I just couldn't find anything I liked for myself and they were just so darn cute!
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YAY!!! That is SOOO awesome!! I feel your joy, hun I know when I found out I was having my daughter-that was one of the best feelings~EVER!! I mean not that having my son was bad,lol. But really buying all the "girlie" stuff is SO much fun!!

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Originally Posted by catloverin_ks View Post
But really buying all the "girlie" stuff is SO much fun!!
I think that is why my MIL loves her granddaughter so much after having 4 boys.

Congratulations. We are all happy for you
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Oh great for you! I am so happy for you and so glad that you are happy!
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Originally Posted by lookingglass View Post
Do you have a name yet?

Not anything definate. I like Ariana, Emma and Kaelyn the best. I think Rose will be the middle name though.
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
I think that is why my MIL loves her granddaughter so much after having 4 boys.

Congratulations. We are all happy for you
Well my family was hoping for a boy. Because so far I have 8 nieces and no nephews. But I wanted a girl because the clothes are much cuter!
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I figured I would post a little more in detail what happened. LOL I couldnt stay on earlier because I was sick this morning. But I really wanted to tell you guys. Anyways I went for the sonogram Friday at 2:15. The docotr knew right away first thing. She checked before she looked at anything else. The sonogram wasnt nearly as good as the first one. The print outs werent good at all. It just like black and white blobs. So I wasnted to happy about that. But anyways. She asked me what I thought the baby was by looking at the sonogram. I had no clue. It didnt look like anything to me! So then she asked my mom and John. They both said girl! Actually my Mom said Grandaughter number 9. And John said she has enough experience I'll go with her. So the doctor said well you have a healthy bouncing baby ....................... GIRL! LOL I was sure she was about to say boy. But nope a baby girl. So after that my mom took me shopping. She bought a ton of yarn to make her a blanket and some clothes already. So after about 4 hours of shopping and calling everyone to tell them ITS A GIRL! She decides everone must go over to her houseto watch the sonogram video. So we go over there. My whole family was there. Dad, Mom, Grandma, Papa, 2 brothers, Uncle, 4 sisters, my cousin, 4 nieces and my cousin. They were all going crazy! Anyways so by the time I got home I was to tired to jump on and tell you guys. Saturday my Great Aunt had a work party and hay ride. I spent most of the day stacking wood for her to use thru the winter. I got my right ring finger smashed and scraped up. My cousin Rocky threw a big log on my finger when I leaned down to pick up a log that was already on the ground. It got smashed between 2 logs. Its really bruised and keeps bleeding. It looks really gross. Then this morning I was sick. Oh and saturday I had to bring Lily to the vets she has a URI and an Ear infection in her left ear. I didnt take her to my regular vet. But took her to a lowcost one. They were very nice there. I made an apoinment to bring in Bagheera for some xrays. They will do it for half the cost of my vets. So hopefully they can figure out whats causing his heart murmur and then treat him for that. Anyways thats all from me.
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