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How many times do they use the box?

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Ceci came home yesterday at noon, and we placed her box in the bathroom.

Her foster mom told me to put her in the box, so she knows its there, and to keep her in the bathroom until she adjusts to me and stops being scared and wanting to hide.

But she has not used the box at all. Is it normal for them to go so long without using it? I dont want her to get an infection or anything. Also, is it normal for them not to eat? She hasnt been eating, im not sure about drinking but her food has definately gone untouched.

How long do they take to adjust? I was hoping by Monday I could shut the doors to the rooms and let her explore the living room and kitchen, but she seems so shy. Any help?

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It's pretty common for new kitties to be stressed when they first arrive. As a result, they may not use the box right away, and they may not feel like eating. How old is Ceci? If she still isn't eating or using the box you may want to call the vet and explain the situation. They may be able to advise you on whether she needs to be seen or what can be done to help her feel at ease.
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Has she eaten yet ?
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Well as of today she hasnt eaten, but sometime between last night and this morning she pooped in the box. Yay! She seemed a bit hungry this morning so I dumped out the dry food and gave her half a can of wet. She was under the bed, but im sure she will be out in a bit, and i'll try to get home for lunch and check on her.

Shes gaining confidence, so im sure in another day or two she will be "normal" again!
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I've always been amazed at how a cat can kind of shut down bodily functions for a little while when they are stressed. It sounds like you are on the right track and have made some very good decisions to let her take things at her own speed.
Also, you might want to try putting out both wet and dry food at the same time to see if she has a preference.
Great job!
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