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Our daily thread for Monday, April 9

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Good morning everybody!

Well, MY storm has passed. I knew it would. And my apartment is SO clean! I anticipate a new car by the end of the week (if my old heap lasts that long). As far as the prospective new apartment was concerned, things happen for a reason. I guess the reason is I really didn't want to move all my junk again. Besides, where I live now I'm close to everything. And with a new car, I'll be able to drive wherever it is I need to go, be in Rene's house, Sandie's house, a cat show, etc. So, I'm here for the duration. I'm also going for a part-time job at Stop & Shop. I do what I have to do to survive.

I hope everyone has a great day.
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Hi everyone!

I'm so glad you feel better Donna - those down days can be tough...

It's back to normal here, after the long Passover weekend. There was so much food we're still eating leftovers I really hope to get pregnant soon, so I'll have an excuse for the extra weight I'm gaining

We had a bit of a Dovik crisis too. Yesterday Dovik (a large stray dog that is staying with us) was obviously much better. So much so that he was barking at me and, what's worse, seemed to be going after one of the cats. I nearly fainted! He's so huge that one bite from him can easily kill a cat! I shut him up in my home office and we decided to take him to the local shelter today.

Then this morning, he joined me to the daily walk with Bambi (our new dog) and seemed to be his old silent and good natured self. I just couldn't bear the thought of him being put to sleep (there is no no-kill shelter for dogs around here). So, I called the cat shelter for advice (it is a no-kill shelter and run by a wonderful lady). She told me not to worry and just to keep the dog away from the cats. She said it wasn't likely that he would try to harm them and that his only chance is if we keep him here until we find him a new home. Well, guess who never went to no shelter today

Anyway, I had some good news later on. I talked to people in the local newspaper and they are willing to run a "found dog" ad with his picture and all (for free too!). It should be published this weekend and I really hope that either his owners will show up or that we find him a good home.

Sorry about the long post... all I wanted was to say hi
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Donna good to hear you are in high spirits today.

I am so glad you didn't take Dovik to the shelter, Anne. You are to good too be real

I had a long weekend. I ingested pesticide on Saturday, while I was trying to kill the flying bugs that are living in one of my plants. Little did I know how bad the pesticide was. I suppose it would help if I read things before using them All is well now.

Ahhh... I am looking forward to Friday already.
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I'm right there with you! Friday can't get here soon enough. Luckily I have it off for Good friday. Hopefully you all do as well.
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Sooo sad I didn't know people got good Friday off. Ahhh...
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it's really surprising that we get that off. we don't get holidays off when they fall on monday (which is always the case in government holidays)and the only exceptions are memorial and labor day. so i think they throw us a bone when something falls on another day of the week. believe me when i say that we RARELY get time off.
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Where do you work? If you don't mind me asking
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Hi guys!!! Today was a fairly good day I guess...for a Monday.
Over the weekend I acquired a new pet...a lop earred dwarf rabbit. He is so small he sits right in the palm of my hand. he will grow some, of course, but will never be a large rabbit. His little face is so sweet....he is grey and white spotted, and his little ears, which can't be more than 2 inches long, flop down on each side! I named him Elmo.

Tomorrow would have been my mothers birthday, were she still alive...so it will be a rough day.
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I know how hard tomorrow will be for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

your bunny sounds precious! I would love to have one. when i was young we had a bunch of lopeared rabbits. i miss them. where did you get him?
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Hi everyone!

Donna, I am so glad you are feeling better!!!

Anne, thought about you and Passover as I sat and watched all 5 hours of the Ten Commandments last night.

Swalker, sorry to burst your bubble, but I have Good Friday AND the Monday after Easter off. It is a really odd quirk in our school calendar this year. Usually our Spring Break is Easter week, but we get out so early this year (end of May), and Easter was so late, that we had a week off in March and this lovely little 4-day treat this week.

I just got Squirt home from the vet. I had been worried about his weight gain, but she said he is as healthy as can be. I should just switch him over to "light" food. She also said that thyroid problems are practically nonexistent in cats (except very old ones).
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AP....my friends Shannon and Tammi and I were shopping in the mall a couple weeks ago...and at the glamour shots palce, there was this lady holding a teeny tiny bunny...we went over and petted it...evidentaly she was having kids "glamour" shots for Easter, taken with the bunny. So I asked her where she got it, and she told me.
It took some doing to get the number, as " Max's Rabbit Ranch" was not listed, so I finally got ahold of him through the humane society.

We arranged to meet him, to purchase two rabbits (my friend Shannon also wanted one) and when we met him...in the Walmart parking lot, he was wearing a bunny suit! At first we weren't sure what the heck we had gotten ourselves into! LOL But he was nice as could be, and the bunnies are adorable!!!
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Why do Mondays always seem so dang long!! For some reason last week was so busy my head was spinning. I tried to catch up this weekend, but only managed to dent a few things. On the bright side..it was finally sunny and warm here. I felt like being outside all day. I can't wait to shake winter for good!! It sounds like everyone had such a nice weekend. Well, you know except for the poisoning, and Donna's mess. I guess the good thing is that only four more days till Friday..LOL
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Oh Debby, a bunny how snuggly; cute I heard these animals are pretty easy going with learning how to be potty trained. Are you going that route? How are your kitties around Elmo?
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A guy at work asked me if I was going to potty train him (the bunny, that is...LOL) and I realy don't think my hubby would go for that. he has a cow now, just when I put Elmo on the floor for a little while. And as far as how Elmo gets along with Merlin....Merlin LOVES him!!! He has slept right beside Elmos cage every night since I got him!!!
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i work at a music research company. i do music promotion. since mondays & tuesdays are the most important days of the week in this field we never get mondays off.
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Well, so much for my beautiful day. It is now 9pm and I guess the storm that just went through Ohio and such is coming through here. Holey moley is the wind blowing with the rain,thunder and lightning. I think I need to learn how to do a sunshine dance!!
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We just forgot about spring here in NC-went straight from winter to summer. It was 85 here today but, I am thrilled. I was really sick of winter!!!! I'm sure we'll have some more cool weather but, this is really a treat right now. I love having the windows and doors open and hear the outside sounds
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