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Deer, deer, deer - DEER!!!

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Just before 7am I left to do the grocery shopping and just north of my house there was a doe and 3 young ones crossing the highway. I stopped and let them cross. Two of the young ones decided to pause in the road for a few seconds.

Luckily, they all made it before any other traffic came through!
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How lovely! And thank God they made it across safely!
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How wonderful!
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Its that time of year when the deer are on the move. I came home this Friday night to find four deer right in my yard behind my arbor! I knew we had deer in the yard this summer as some of my Hostas had been nibbled on. But this is the first time I have saw them. My neighbor saw one two weeks ago by my arbor also.
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We have them in our back yard. They've nibbled all the persimmons within standing reach!

Last night we were at my nephew's and he warned us to keep an eye out for the deer as we would be driving on county roads. I think they're all down here.
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That is so amazing to see..I saw that once too, but it was at night..Thank god I saw their eyes reflecting or I might have hit them..
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I have a family of 5 deer that live in the small wooded area behind my house. A huighway project was just built nearby, and took up most of their home area. The little ones like to look in the windows at the cats. It is so cute. I don't know what will become of them when the businesses start going up neartby. I am going to put out some deer corn for them as soon as I can get the time to go get some.
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We are lucky they hang around down by the creek or I would be in big trouble.
There is only a small dent from when Neil hit that deer Thursday morning. I don't like this time of year as the deer are really moving around.
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Aww, that's sooo sweet! My oldest sister Monica didn't have quite that sweet of an experence with deer...she's hit 2 ....yeah....two! (We still think she needs to work on her driving skills)...They live in Hernando, Mississippi (aka...the middle of nowhere ) and there are wild animals running around everywhere around those parts...well, both times happened at night on a really dark road....she was doing the speed limit..but they just darted out in front of her- she tried to break but there wasn't enough time....the first one she hit totaled the front of her SUV and killed the deer (I called her a bambi killer for a week) ....the second one was a similar situation but was a huge buck....yeah...that messed up the car pretty bad....and the buck . Both times she called the sheriff and wildlife people to let them know (a lot of ppl don't even do that ....they just leave them there to the side of the road..) The deer died, but she did try to get help for them. Poor Monica- we still refer to her as a bambi killer to this day lol... (I'm glad those deer you saw had a much happier ending....and weren't in Mississippi when my sister was on the road lol) / My sister Kimmy has ran over several rabbits - I call her "Thumper Killer" for that lol.....(my bunny Sophie still keeps a close eye on her when she comes over to visit ....what can I say, my sisters need to retake those driving tests!)
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Some guy hit a deer by a culvert just south of me. He ended up with his back axle on the guard rail. Neighbor across the road heard the screech of tires (as I did) and ran down to help. He ran right back up and a minute later had his wheelbarrow and tools to take care of the deer. (Sheriff had to shoot it - heard that noise, too.) Sorry it got killed but at least the meat didn't go to waste.

One of my younger cousins hit a deer with his mom's car and my nephew teased him by saying "..this shotgun shell costs $1.00. It's way cheaper than using your Mom's car!"
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