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I Lost Her- PLEASE HELP!!!!

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Dear Jesus I am the worst person ever. I dont deserve to have any animals. I didnt even have Ceci for a day when I lost her.

I came home around 1am and I opened the bathroom door to check on her and she was on top of the table and I startled her and she jumped and ran out of the bathroom. I didnt worry too much because I had closed the screen door.

Well I looked and looked and couldnt find her. So I went to sleep. Around 2 am I woke up and searched again. Then at 4, and now at 7. I have looked in every corner and under and in everything in my house and I cannot find her.

Im guessing she must have slid her paw in between the screen door and got out. I feel horrible, i've looked at her everywhere. Im waiting for DS's father to come over to see what we will do.

I dont know what i'll do if I cant find her, I really dont. I cant even think of calling her foster mom and telling her I lost her, I just cant.

Please, does anyone know if cats have a usual pattern of behavior when they get out? She is unfamiliar with her sorroundings, could she be in hiding somewhere near, or did she probably keep running? Thank God I took pictures of her yesterday, im going to show them around and see if anyone has seen her.

Please pray that I find her
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Are you positive she got out ? Could she possibly be hiding inside the house ?
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jesus im a spaz. I spend all night and day looking for her, and even went around the neighborhood showing her picture and my moms Golden comes inside and finds her in 2 seconds flat. Not to mention she found her under the playpen where I looked at least 163,903,653 times :-/

Thank god I found her though, I dont know what I would have done if I had lost her. I prayed all night that she was still in the house.

Can you tell Ive never had a cat?
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Im SO GLAD you found her !!!!!! ......... shes just scared right now in her new surroundings and hiding until she adjusts. Just continue to keep her in a small confined area with her litter box, food and water and some toys. If you have a radio to play some soft classical music this will also help her to calm as she adjusts. Try to ignore her for now. just going to check on her. She will soon adjust and all will be well !!!! What a relief you found her
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My queen Rogue is 14, and still manages to find places to hide that convince me she has gotten outside.

Welcome to life with an inside cat!
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One time when bakker was outside I spent 4 hours calling for him-getting more frantic. I hop in car and drive to where dh was taking a class, he comes home and bakker runs to greet him from a spot I must have checked 18 million times!!!! Thank goodness you found her!!
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I am so glad you found her.That would be sooooooooooooooo scarey!!
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At least she's found....that's all that matters.
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Originally Posted by neetanddave View Post
Welcome to life with an inside cat!
amazing how many places they can find to hide - panics me every time, too
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Im so glad I found her too! She was pretty scared when I did find her, considering she probably thought she was going to be eaten! Even though she was terrified she never once tried to bite or scratch me.

Shes doing SO much better. Last night she wouldnt come up to me but if I put her on my lap she purred and rolled around like a baby, it was so wonderful to see. This morning she was so happy to see me she even wanted to hop in the bath tub with me.

I left the bathroom door open and shut the room doors. I only left my room door open and she promptly laid under the bed, so I just left her there. Ive got a collar on her with a bell so i'll be able to find her easier!
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I am so glad you found her. They can give you some grey hairs can't they. I remember when I was having all the windows replaced in our house I let the workmen know we had cats and kept them lock up. But I went out and when I got back I couldn't find Redford. I thought he jumped out of an open window. I looked around the neighborhood calling him. I was devastated. When I got back, near in tears here comes Redford looking at me like "Whats up Mom. And I have had cats all my life. They can hide in the smallest and most unlikely places. Little stinkers.

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I am glad you found her too. I am also a member of the "brought-a-cat-home-and-cat-was-gone-the-next-day" club. It took me a month to get him back! You may want to keep her in a room until she understands that this is home.
At any rate, good luck!
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Same thing happened to me. We had moved and were having furniture delivered. Didn't realize the delivery guys left the door open. I went crying through the neigborhood looking for Snugs shaking her dry food box and calling her name. When I was home sobbing at the top of the steps, she just walked over to me. She had gotten into a hole in the bathroom closet and got behind the bathtub. That hole was sealed up soon after that!

So glad you got your kitty back.
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So glad your kit is back
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