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Black cats are really vocal???

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Are black cats really vocal? My other cats are rather quiet. All my cats are Tabby as well. My wife has a Birman cat that is very vocal, not black of course. A lady at Petco said black cats are somehow part Siamese and that Siamese cats are very vocal. Would there be any truth in that?

Our black cat cannot be left alone without whining. He won't even attempted to look for us or the other cats. At random times if he wants on the bed when my wife and I are on it he'll whine and whine until we put him on the bed. He whines when we hold our other cats. He whines before he has to use the litter box. Sometimes he just walks around the house whining. He was bottle fed in his earlier days so he got constant attention now its kind of even with the other cats, would that be it? I guess I want to know is if its a breed or personality thing.
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Of those that are part Siamese (or Oriental in general) they are more vocal - only to be expected, as Siamese are, though I'm not sure most black cats are part Siamese - we may just be more aware of the ones that are. I've had 2 blk cats, both of which had some (but diff.) degrees of Oriental in them, and they were yappy, though one (the sleek, very slender one) had a very low, Siamese voice (if he'd been a person, I'd have thought it was very sexy :-)!
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Black oriental shorthairs are vocal. But I can see what she means. I've known several 1/2 siamese (which tend to be black cats for some reason) are vocal - only cause they have siamese in them.

But its not a color trait to be talkative. I've had many cats of various colors and some are talkative, some not - including "black" cats. But you can't make a blanket statement that ALL black cats are talkative.

Ling's black/white and she talks all the time - not cause of her color but because she has some oriental in the background
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Delilah is a black medium hair, and definitely the most vocal cat I've ever had. Years ago I had a black shorthair, though, that wasn't particularly talkative. I like that Delilah talks to me so much, but she does drive my DH nuts sometimes!
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Lily is my black tuxedo cat, and the most talkative cat I've ever had! She was a rescue cat, so I don't know if she has Siamese. She's a good listener, too.

Cheers, from
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Of my four cats I have had so far (all are rescues), my two black cats are very vocal, especially Lil' Jag (She might have some Persian in her though.) And Luvbug - he whines and whines if he doesn't get an answer (One of our vets think he has some oriental in him but I'm not sure.)

The funny thing is, Sphinx - our Siamese/RB mix - was very quiet.

Kuce also is a talker but not as bad as the other two.
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Our black cat is very vocal too, but we also think he's got Siamese in him.
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That's funny about the siamese/RB mix - you have 2 totally opposite cats - siamese are talkative and RB's are pretty darn quiet (some RB breeders don't even know the females are in heat)

So your kitty took after the RB side if not talkative - willing to bet some of the brothers/sisters took the opposite side and talk alot
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Abby is a very, very vocal black cat. Our vet told us that the majority of black cats are descendent from Siamese or Himalayan lines, and so tend to be very vocal. It wouldn't be so bad, except that she's a little hard of hearing... which means she has to meow much louder to hear herself.
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I think that most of my black cats have been pretty vocal. Right now, Tigger DLH tortie is my LOUDEST cat, but the Elsa, the pretty black kitty won't stop once she starts. And she goes on and on and on!!

Smudge is a ragdoll. I think he has a voice, LOL.
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Yes, it is fairly common for black cats to be part Siamese, and Siamese are very vocal. That is the connection IMO between black cats and noisiness...
Siamese cats (seal-point) are genetically black cats, and when they are bred to a black cat all the offspring are black.

I used to have a black cat who was very vocal and from her looks we're pretty sure she was part Siamese...
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My black cat, Lusa, is very quiet. She was much more vocal when I found her as a tiny baby, but she's outgrown it. She meows at me a bit before dinner -- sometimes audibly and sometimes just a silent meow. She'll occasionally let out a loud meow if her toys roll under the furniture and she can't retrieve them.
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I've had three black cats in my life, and noe were particularly vocal. I would agree that any Siamese or part Siamese would be more likely to be vocal.
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I have had 2 black cats, both rescues, the first one would yodel at times, he got outside one time and I haven't seen or heard him since. =( The other I currently have is a stumpy Manx, he meows so much his name is Meowser, he follows me around the house, plays fetch, he is a true "dog" cat. He also will make this neat noise when he is looking at birds out the window. My other cat Turdle is a grey tabby, he hardly ever meows unless he's joining in the "Hey open  that can faster" chorus.

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I have 3 black cats. 1 is very vocal (persian) and 2 are not very vocal at all. 1 is also persian and the other is a DSH. I think it depends on the cat really. Different cat, different personality. just like people.

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I have had 4 black cats and none of them were very vocal although one would carry on conversations with me if I started it. I have had Paul now for almost 5 months and have never heard him make a sound. The only way I know he purrs is if I touch his throat and can feel the vibration.
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