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Any thoughts?

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I made a post almost a week ago, about how to keep a stool sample that I wanted to bring to the vet. Well I did and it came back neg for worms/parasites. I was just wondering if anyone has an idea as to what would cause loose stool with some blood in it.

That I no of, its been happening to two of my cats (Lightning and Lucky). Luck's sample is what I brought to the vet, as his is the worse of the two, and I didnt have enough money for doing two samples (it cost $35 plus tax for one). My mom thought I was crazy for doing it, saying that its probably what happens to us or it was the food and that we'd switch it and see if that helps.

Its been happening for about 2 months now(a week or two after they were fixed), sometimes its fine, others its loose with blood in it (not a lot, but enought to make me freak...though even a drop would make me freak). There both still active, though Lucky seems to be sleeping more. My mom said that could be because he was fixed so that hes more layed back. There eating fine, and drinking lots of water as well. They've been eatting Whiskas adult food pretty much there whole life (there 7 months old, and refused to eat kitten food after 6/7 weeks old *sighs* tryed them on a few kitten foods but they wouldnt touch it). We tryed a new food the other day, but the only one that would touch it was Lucky.

What else could cause this to happen? I worry enough as it is, and this is freaking me out. Could it just be because there straining a bit, since theres not a lot of blood and not all the time?
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From what I understand, Tapeworms won't show up in the fecal test. Do you ever see any little rice looking things around your cats butt or tail? If so, that would be Tapeworms causing the problem.

Since it is effecting both cats and they seem otherwise ok, that's what my guess would be. If left untreated then the tapeworm can eventually cause problems because they take nourishment from the animal.

I hope you can get the problem resolved, but it's a tough thing to do when you can't take the animals in to be seen by the vet.

Good luck getting this resolved.
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What color was the blood? Reddish? or tarry black? If it is tarry black, I would worry, because that is usually from an internal source. If it is like reddish streaks, I know this sounds stupid, but could the cat have hemmeroids?(sp) Sometimes if you have hard stools, a little vein gets broken when the stool is passed. Perhaps they need something to soften the stools a little.
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I'm talking my mom into brining them to the vet, of only one Lucky at least, she said that when she gets money that she will. And no, I havent seen rice looking things near there bum, but I'll see what the vet says when I get him down there.

Its redish, not black. I was thinking that, but because the stools pretty loose I dont think thats it, but it might be. I'll ask the vet about that as well...Thanks for the replys
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A vet would be the one to figure this out.. Good luck ...
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Yep, I would have the vet take a look
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