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Moving shoes around at night?

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Hey guys, little backstory. I've lived with my roommates going on two years, and they got a cat a few months before I first lived with them. Well, the 3 of us are parting ways when our lease is up,and they're letting me keep the cat since I've grown so fond of her (I never liked cats before I lived with her!) Anyway, I guess I've become more interested lately in her behavior seeing as it'll be just me and her in a few months. She does a lot of strange things, but the oddest thing has to be the following.

I leave my bedroom door cracked at night, because in the wee hours of daylight she usually comes in and plops down on my bed to sleep (or inside my dresser drawer, or hamper...). However before she goes to sleep, she often drags shoes into my room. To make this more clear, we have a 2nd floor apartment. However, it has a private entrance, and the foyeur (spelling??) is about 3' x 3' and then stairs that leads up into the main hallway. My roommates both leave all their shoes down there on the floor. I'm guessing there must be at least 7 pairs of shoes down there. All my shoes are in my room/closet. She NEVER has moved my shoes. EVER. Yet 4 or 5 times a week, I wake up to find various shoes lying under my bed, in my closet, outside my door, under my computer desk, and I even once found one behind the toilet in my bathroom.

Has anyone ever heard of this? I find it really odd that she goes through all the trouble of dragging these shoes up an entire flight of stairs just to drop them off in/around my room. One of my roommates is a paramedic, and he has these boots he wears from his days in the Navy. They honestly weigh at least 4-5 pounds a piece. Doesn't that seem like a lot of trouble for a cat to go to?

Here's a couple of pics of her cuteness:

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Very cute.

My cat brings me items of clothing from the laundry room downstairs. Socks, undies, bras, shorts...but socks are his favorite. With him I think it's a prey thing: He hauls them up and makes the same throaty mewing sound he does when he spots potential prey and then presents them to me waits expectantly (looking very pleased with himself) for me to give him some praise.

If he were an outside cat, no doubt I'd have mice or birds instead.
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My cat has a special toy--a raccoon tail--that she parades around and drops near my feet to announce her 'play-readiness'. Your cat is bringing you a present...a rather odd present--but she is going to stay nice and slim with all that exercise!
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How could you not fall in love with that cutie pie ..... Get her a stuffed animal and see if she likes that .....stick around and you will learn all kinds of fascinating things about your kitty. Especially with the big move ahead, there is tons of advice to help you, help her, with the big upcoming move.
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If this makes you feel better about the shoe thing, my 8-Bit dragged out my bra in front of all my friends and my mother to get back at me for a vet visit.

I am also presented with furry mice on my bed in the mornings from my other kitty Scratch.
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What a cutie!!

Trout has all sorts of stuff pulled out on the floor when I get up in the morning
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Thanks for the info everyone. I guess maybe she chooses my roommate shoes because she knows they're not mine (by scent perhaps)? She does have dozens of furry mice she plays with, but the only time I'm presented with these, is when I'm in the bathroom. She'll bat one under the door, and await for me to bat it back. It's almost like a game of pong. Sometimes this holds me up an extra 10-20 minutes in the morning while I'm trying to get ready for work!
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haha! What a sweet kitty!

Check out this little klepto kitty!

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Many kitties love the scent of shoes. Mine loves to sleep on my stinky Birkenstocks. I think it is a cat thing. My old cat used to steal stuff from my neighbor's garage like rugs and clothing items. He would bring me these "presents" and then graduated to birds and mice.
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As soon as I come inside and kick off my shoes, Midir rubs his face all over them. I tell him that's gross, but he doesn't seem to care

Come to think of it, some times when I go looking for my shoes in the morning, they are not in a pair, like one is by the kitchen door, the other is in the laundry room ... I'm pretty sure I'm not doing that

Btw, your kitty is too cute! I just love her colors
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What a delightful charmer she is! My beloved SiSi of 11 years was a Tortie with a great sunny personality just like yours. She is adorable! SiSi would bring me "pressies" - birds, snakes, shoes, string, everything. Sounds like your little miss is bringing you "stuff" to hoard and hide, like a little game...she sounds like an Alpha kitty...it's also a control mechanism. Very cute! She is putting their "territory" within yours and hers. She's bonding!
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