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How many kittens should I foster?

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Hi all, I'm new to the forum
I want to foster some kittens through a foster program but wonder how many I should take. I plan to keep them in my bathroom which is not that big (about 5 feet by 5 feet, not counting the bathtub. Both the kittens and myself will both be using this area

I was thinking that taking 3 kittens would be ideal, but the 2 litters they have told me about so far are both 5 kittens. They also tell me that if I don't take some soon there may not be any as I live in the Midwest and the breeding season is about over.

Is 5 a lot more work than 3?? I don't know if they'll have fleas, ear mites etc.(just some of the things I'm thinking about) I only work part time so I'm home a lot, but I don't want to be overwhelmed by too much the first time I try fostering.

Should I just be patient and wait for 3 or take one of the litters of 5 while I can. Any advice would be
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One litter of kittens is about as much work as any other (unless you look at the difference between 2 and 8 or something)... there's not a great deal of difference between 3 and 5, because they all need the same things and if you get on a schedule you're probably going to be OK.

Once they get bigger your bathroom isn't going to be the greatest place for them, though; they get into everything, including cabinets, toilet paper, the toilet itself... at about 6 weeks they'll be lively enough so it seems you've got a hundered kittens instead of 5.

Once they're checked out as healthy and gone through a quarantine period, they can be introduced to your other cats or moved to a bigger room though. The bathroom is a good idea for young kittens--it's a small, warm space that's easy to clean up.
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It depends on the ages of the cats. If they are bottle babies then 5 is definately a lot more work then 2 or 3. Otherwise, other then being a little messy, the more the merrier.
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I agree with Jen. 5 babies is a lot if you're bottle feeding around the clock. I had 6 once and help from my husband and son and was still exhausted.
Have you seen the babies yet? I don't think you'd want sick kittens for your first time either.
If they're healthy 4 week old or older kittens, I say go for it! They're so much fun. If not, there will be many more available. I live in a seasonal area too, but I think I never went more than a couple of weeks all year without another batch. And spring will be here before you know it.
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