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Originally Posted by Loveysmummy View Post
I go to Price Chopper (low overhead as they don't have a bakery or butcher staff member on) and they have great sales. I spend about $150 every two weeks and maybe a few bucks for milk or bread in between that if we run out.

The best way to save money on groceries is to make out a 2 week meal recipe plan..This way you have everything on hand and generally eat healthier, and don't end up eating quick crap.
although ours does have a bakery and deli but not butcher, the meat is better quality and cheaper elsewhere anyway.

Where are you people shopping?

Including basic toiletries (toothpaste, TP etc) we spend about $100 CDN per week including the milk etc we pick up during the week
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I go to Save-A-Lot to shop.It's the cheapest place around here.For shampoo and etc. I shop at Wal-Mart
I also have a family of 6
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