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Theeeeey're heeeeeeeree!!!

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My new boys arrived at around 5:30 this evening, and they are just gorgeous! The older male, Nemo (I am keeping his name as that, he knows it very well) is a classic tuxedo, and he is a BIG boy very sweet, but so far has spent the entire time in a corner of my living room, just chilling and watching al lthe action he loves to be petted though! The 2 younger boys, Orion and Hermes, have been making themselves right at home, running around and playing. Orion, the one who was supoosed ot be super shy, was the first one out of the carrier and expolring. Hermes took a little longer, but now her is tearing around, playing with some toys. I think they both are just beside themselves because for the first time since they were 10 weeks old, they are now 5 months, they are not living in a cage Most of my kitties have been very polite, sniffing and investigating, but Ismene has turned into a little growling machine.... she is the smallest out of my bunch so I don't know who she thinks she scaring It is times like this that I wish I had a digital camera Believe it or not, with 13 cats in a single wide trailer, you'd think it would seem crowded, but it doesn't! I swear!
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Go kitties!!!

Yay! I'm so happy for all of you! I'm glad that they are having a good time togetehr and In a new home!

Good for you!
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Wooo Hoo! I can't wait to see pictures! Maybe you can borrow someone's digital to snap a few sometime!! They sound gorgeous!!!
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Congrats on the new fur members!!! (We have a double wide,4 skin kids and 5 cats)
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Oh boy, if I had a double-wide, there would be no telling how many kitties I'd have! Those can be super nice! My aunt's friend had one and it was amazing!
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I'm just gonna have to come over sometime with my digital and take a bunch of pics for all of us to enjoy of your fur family then!!
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Congratulations on the new additions, Katie! They sound adorable. That's too cute about Ismene - she's so scary!
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Congratulations on your new fur babies!

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Oh, Katie! You have the biggest heart! Bless you for taking in these babies. Are these the ones you were hoping didn't test poitive you were telling me about? I will have to come over and see all your babies and take lots of pics for you!
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Welcome new furbabies!!!
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Katie, I must be in a crying mood, but I cried when I read that they were in a cage from 10 weeks of age to 5 months. It must be like heaven at your house!
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Thanks everyone! Susie and Courtney, you're more than welcome to come over and take photos! And no Courtney, these aren't those, all three of these kitties are from Massachusetts!

There is still a little hissing and growling, but the Orion and Hermes are both so friendly, I'm sure they will win them over in no time They both are so sweet It's so sad that no one would even look at them due to their positive status, Natalie 3 months is a loooonng time to be in a cage with little to tno interaction. The lady I got them through said that hardly any of the volunteers would pet them because they were afraid of passing FeLV, but it doesn't work like that!

Yes Eileen, Ismene is scary! My little baby girl

Well, off to scoop my 10 litterboxes!
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