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Home euthanasia?

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The vet told us about five days ago that there's nothing more she can do for our 21-year-old loyal kitty. He is dying. He gets weaker with each passing hour. He doesn't seem to suffering from acute pain. He looks like he's trying to find a comfortable position. He no longer eats or drinks. Even if he's not experiencing acute pain, we know he is suffering.

We don't want to take him to the vet to be put down. We prefer he die at home in his sleep.

Does anyone know if vets have somekind of sedatives or sleeping pills availble for cats to help ease their suffering and allow them to die in peace?

This is Saturday and our vet won't be open until Monday.

Thanks in advance for any info.
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I am not sure about that, but I do know there are vets that will come to your home and do it there, I guess you could ask I really haven't had any experince or heard of them being able to give you something to give them...Sorry about Your Sweet Baby
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In my area there are Mobile vets available who come to the home.
You might try calling some emergency vet hospitals and ask if they know of any.

I am so sorry the you are losing your senior kitty.
I hope that his passing goes smoothly.
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I have no words of knowledge, but just wanted to let you know how sorry I am that your faithful kitty is dying. I know your heart must be breaking.

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I can understand you wanting your precious boy to go to sleep peacefully at home, but there are no sedatives or sleeping pills that you could get that would accomplish what you want. A truly peaceful passing can only be assisted by a vet.

Xocats suggestion about a vet coming to your home is a good one, though I know on a weekend it may be difficult to find. Still, make some calls - an emergency animal hospital may have a vet on staff who will do this, or may be able to recommend someone.

Though your boy is no longer eating or drinking on his own, please try your best to keep him hydrated - use a small syringe and *gently* and slowly squirt water down the side of his mouth. Try to do this at least once every hour if he'll tolerate it. Even though he may be in the process of dying, you want to keep him as comfortable as possible. Dehydration will make a sick kitty feel even more miserable and your goal is to ease his discomfort as much as possible.

I hope you will be able to realize your wish to have your boy pass on peacefully in his home. We were able to do this for our Louie and it was a blessing to have him go to sleep in our arms, on his favorite couch, surrounded by the people he loved and who loved him.

Heartfelt wishes to you and your sweet kitty.
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I am so very sorry to hear this, and I do hope you can find a vet to do a home visit. If not, I really would urge you to take him to the vet, as it doesn't sound like he is in a very good place at the moment, and letting him go peacefully really would be the best thing for him rather than letting him die naturally - it really is an act of love and kindness.
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Please call your vet or the er vet and have someone come and help you thru this////

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