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kitten help

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i took on a 9 week old kitten yesterday, the owners no longer wanted him and had advertised him as free to a good home. i live ina rought area and knew that the poor little mite would probably ended up going to a bad home. apparently the lady who owned him spent no time with him, and he was in an only cat home.they where fed up of him wanting attention all the time. they said he was a little girl however it is definatly a boy.

i already have 3 cats 2 nuterd toms and a queen. i also have a boxer dog who is very good with cats including kittens.

however the little kitten just keeps tryign to attack them all. and does not seem to want to make friends. my 2 nuterd toms just ignore the kittens growls and leave him alone. however my queeb had kittens in april and seems to have taken on a mothering effect in a sense that she does not tolerate the kittens unruly behaiour and seems to want to discipline it . she follwos the kitten around but nether allow each other to actually make contact.

do you think things will settle down?

my 3 other cats are about 15 months old.
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Time is your friend! The little guy is just trying to defend his new territory and work out who's in charge. I hope that he's been vet checked and cleared of any nasties before you put him with your other kitties.

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