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problem with kitty and no response from vet... any help please

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I am very unsure if any advice can be given here but am at my last option and seriously grabbing for any help possible. I have found myself stuck on a saturday at the begining of a long weekend with vets that won't answer their phones.
My himilayan cat fractured his pelvis 2 days ago. It is getting close to 72 hours now. We have taken him to the vet and comfirmed that it is fractured in three spots. The vet said that it did not look like there is any internal nerve damage and such and that the pelvis should heal on its own without surgery. He sent him home with antibiodics and pain meds. Since that time though he will not eat and has not urinated or had a bowel movement. He is drinking plenty of water and currently is not dehydrated. His pain is being managed but the fact that he is not eating and or going to the bathroom has really got me worried. I was told to call the veterinarians office today to check in and see what should be done next, but to my luck the office is closed and no emergency vet has yet to return my call.....
So the question is with the risks of the cat getting worse until I can get ahold of another vet do I continue to let him go without eating... should I begin force feeding to reduce the risks of fatty liver and keep some of his strength up...
How long can a cat go without urinating or having a bowel movement... when does this become a serious problem (time length)....
With no internal bleding or problems showing up on x rays could the lack of bowel movement be contributed to swelling... any ideas i would greatly appreciate them...
Keeping fingers crossed that one of the numerous vets i left messages for will decide to return my call...

Thank you in advance for any help...
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I really don't have any advice, but a broken pelvis sounds pretty serious to me and I would probably want the vet to keep my injured cat like that at least for a day to see how they are doing.

You can check to see if he is dehydrated by pinching up the scruss on his neck. If it goes right back down then he is probably ok for now, but if it stays up for even a little bit he is dehydrated and needs fluids.

I am guessing that anything that would cause such an injury would be quite a shock to the system and it would probably be somewhat normal for your cat to not be doing what he normally would.

Keep an eye on the forum and I'm sure someone will be along soon with some advice for you. Sorry I don't know what to say to help

Good Healing vibes for your cat and hugs to you.
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Where in Texas are you?

Your vet may check messages throughout the day and give you a call back later.

I understand your concern...I'd be concered also. Sending hugs your way from Fort Worth.

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Try gently warming a little human meat-only baby food in either turkey, chicken or lamb and offering a little of that on your finger. Once your poor little guy gets a taste of that, he might want to try lapping some up on his own. I hope he gets better soon.
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Is there any update on this? I'm happy to see he's drinking. What is his weight? Heavier cats have more of the problem with the fatty liver. Also, if he's on antibiotics his tummy's likely upset. Most cats will eat the human baby food (meat, #2) even when they're feeling yukky. Also...I've heard that Kentucky Fried Chicken (original recipe) will get just about any cat to eat.

I'm quite interested, I've had a broken pelvis myself, lol.
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Sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to this thread. I finally got in touch with a vet 2 towns away. Pretty sad thing there is a dozen or more in home town and not a single one pays any intrest. But that is beside the point. I took my cat back in to the vet on an emergency call where they did sime tests and started him on Iv fluids and anti inflamatory as well as putting a cathater in to release bladder pressure. Unfortunatly due to the first vets negligence to fully address the problems in the first place, and the excessive swelling caused from it there wasnt anything much that could be done. WE lost our kitty baby shorty after.
I would like to say even when your vet sounds completly hopeful if you doubt the initial treatment for your pet always get a second opinion right away. I cant say that it would have made much of a difference for my cat but atleast I would have known that everything possible was being done right away.

Thank you for your help and advice.
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I'm very sorry to hear of your loss.

I went through a thing years back where I lost a kitten while trying to get a response from a vet, (which never happened). I know that feeling of helplessness.

Hugs to you during this sad time.
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Originally Posted by tru View Post
I went through a thing years back where I lost a kitten while trying to get a response from a vet, (which never happened). I know that feeling of helplessness.
i lost my Mouse 2 years ago due to poor vet care, too. sorry you had to go thru this as well
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I'm so sorry you lost your baby. So sad. I hope you stay around and get to know us though.
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Oh dear! I'm so sorry you lost your baby!

I do hope you'll get another kitty when it's time and that you'll stick around here and get to know us!

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I'm sorry to hear your sad news.
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Oh, no! I'm very sorry to hear that you lost your baby.
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