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Ceci is finally home!!!

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Im fairly new, and maybe some remember that I said I would be adopting a kitten. Well Ceci is finally home, her foster mom brought her over around noon and we had a long talk, and my home was checked. Right now shes in the bathroom, shes still very scared. But she is adorable! Gorgeous markings on this sweet little girl! Here are a few pictures of her:
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You finally have her Awww her markings are gorgeous ....... I hope she settles in quickly ..... please keep us updated !!!!
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Awwwwwwwww another Calico girlie!! My soft spot is for Calico's.That's why we have 3 of them!!
She is a beauty!
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Thank you for the wonderful comments! Im so glad she is finally here, I had a huge scare with her and thought I had lost her, but now we are fine.

Im just hoping she wont take too long to settle in I am dying for her to play and sleep next to me!
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Ceci is such a cutie!!
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Aww!! She is adorable! She will soon settle in and be a important part of your family!!
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Congradulations!!! She is beautiful!
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Isn't she a sweetheart!
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she is such a sweetie....but remember to be very patient! You don't know what this little angel has endured in her short life. I'm sure in time she will come around.... but just know that not all cats will be the cuddly/lovey type. When we 1st found our LuckyGirl, she was more likely to be a lap cat cause she was so greatful for food/shelter/attention, but now she prefers not to be picked up at all. She will love you and rub heads, but don't pick her up. When you do, she meows "mooooommmmy put me down!"
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Congratulations! She is beautiful!
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awww.............what a cutie, but as Luckygirl advises it will take time as it will be all new and strange at first. She will settle in her own time and with lots of TLC she just love you to pieces in return
If you get chance , do post some more photos, we love photos here
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