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Lee was my brother's rose haired tarantula that he loved very much. I told him that I would post in memory of the little guy. He was a very special spider; Lee came into my brother's live when he went into a small pet shop looking for food for his cat and dog. George took one look at the furry beast and fell in love.

RIP Lee... you will be missed.
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Play happily in spider heaven Lee.
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I pray there is a special place over the bridge just for spiders where they can spin their webs, eat bugs, and live happily with others.
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RIP Lee. Happy bug hunting over the bridge.
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Condolences to your brother on the loss of Lee. An unusual pet like that will leave a very unique empty spot in the heart. i hope that your brother will get lots of comfort from his dog and cat - they probably miss seeing the little guy, too - watching a tarantula sounds very intriguing, esp. from a cat's point of view.
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Condolences George, on the loss of a beloved pet.
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