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Sharing Napoleon's Fate - RIP black cat

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I have been going round all the neighbours telling them about poor Napoleon and begging them not to use poison. All but one have told me they never do, and a couple had stories of having lost a cat or dog to poison in the past. But when I introduced myself to one guy, he thought I was looking for my cat and he said he had a dead cat in his garden! I went to see and it was a large black cat whom I have never seen before. My neighbour said it had died there on Monday or Tuesday. That makes me think that it could have died the same way and from the same source as Napoleon. So more and more I think that the one person who admits to putting out poison ( he never will again) was the only source. I still have two people to see, but if there were a number of poisoned rodents running around I may be lucky in fact that I only lost one cat, though that is not much compensation at the moment. So, poor unknown cat, I do hope not, but I greatly fear, that you suffered in the same way.
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Awww poor black cat ..... Rest in Peace Sweety !!!
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My goodness. Maybe some lessons will be learned by the people putting out poison from all this.
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Rest in peace black cat.
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Jenny, I really hope that you've gotten through to your neighbors, and all the cats and dogs will be safer as a result. RIP, black cat.
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Godspeed over RB, black kitty cat, and bless you for getting out the word on the poison, jenny - that takes real dedication and courage. You are definitely making a positive difference in your community, and napoleon and his little black comrade are smiling their approval down to you from over RB.
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Oh goodness it's too much of a coincidence isn't it I hope it's sinking in with everyone now

Napoleon will have met the black cat at the other end of the bridge Jenny to take him/her home

Enjoy your new home at the bridge little one

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I hope this informs your neighbors about what can happen when they use rat/mouse poison. RIP unknown kitty.
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RIP black kitty, may you and Napoleon not have died in vain.... good for you Jenny to get the word out to your neighbors so no other kitties share this awful fate.
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