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Signs: The Movie

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Saw this new one today. The friend I went with didn't care for it, but I loved it. There is something about the way M. Night Shyamalan films a movie that just has me on the edge of my seat. Don't want to spoil it for anyone, but any other people who have seen it, please comment!
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I REALLY want to see this one!! I'm glad to hear you liked it!!!
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I can't wait to see it either! We'll probably go see it this coming weekend. Oh, and hubby wants to see Austin Powers, too. I have no absolute desire to see that movie, but I'll go so he can see it.
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Hubby and I are off to see Signs in about 2 hours. I'll let you all know what I think about it.
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M. Night Shyamalan ..... I Love watching his movies. The kewl part is that in order to catch all the little clues he leaves within the movie, you really have to watch em more than just once. I can't wait to see this movie as well!
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Yeah - I agree with Ken. Both Sixth Sense and his other film, eh - can't remember what it was called - with Bruce W and Samuel Jackson - train crash etc, were excellent. I love the layers and depth, and the downright, old fashioned 'mystery'.

I haven't heard of Signs - it's not even being trialered here yet. Can someone give me a clue as to what it's about without giving the story away?

Cheers guys.
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I agree with Ken and Deb25. M. Night makes a distinctive movie, but I was still disappointed a bit with "Unbreakable". For me, the story kinda fell apart, but it was still a decent film. I've wavered back and forth about "Signs". Thanks, Deb25, for an initial, unrevealing review.

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If you want to see the trailers to the movie, you can go to:
http://bventertainment.go.com/movies/signs/index.html .

My friends and I went to see Signs over the weekend... I'm pretty indifferent about it. I *loved* The Sixth Sense, and I didn't get to see Unbreakable, but I've heard mixed reviews on that one. Signs wasn't bad at all, but knowing now what I didn't know Saturday night, I'd have been happy to just rent it.
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Bill, I agree with you about Unbreakable...I was VERY disappointed with that one.

Signs looks really good, but it is so hard to tell. I think based on the fact that Deb25 liked it, I would give it a shot, she has pretty good taste. But then, everyone's taste is different, I'm about the only person alive who didn't much care for "A Beautiful Mind" guess I just wasn't in the right "frame" of mind, when I watched it...I may have to give it another shot.

Has anyone seen Frailty??? It's that scary one that came out a month or so ago, but I can't remember the names of the two main actors in it, but I like them both, and it looked pretty scary. Haven't heard one person say they have seen it though, so I am curious.
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I saw Signs this weekend too. I liked it, although I wasn't "on the edge of my seat." (It takes a lot for me to be scared or spooked.) I may not have been in the right frame of mind for the spook effect, though. Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix gave really good performances. I thought it was interesting to have two strong men in the leads of a horror, since you obviously wouldn't get the "scream" effect. For those who don't know (I'm not giving anything away here), the movie is about a former priest (Mel Gibson), his two children, and his brother (Joaquin Phoenix) who find crop circles in their corn field.

I liked Unbreakable, and I think if it had come out before Sixth Sense it would have gone over better with audiences. Everything was so hyped up with Sixth Sense that anything he would have put out after it couldn't possibly measure up. I do really like his movies, though. Horror without all the slashers - what a refreshing concept!
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I went to see Signs Friday night with a friend and we both loved the movie. It's got everything. It makes you laugh, cry and scream. Besides all that it's got Mel Gibson and Juaquin Pheonix in it, ooh la la. There were parts that were so spooky. We couldn't quit talking about it.
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I have to agree with you about Sixth Sense vs. Unbreakable. I remember the friend I saw Unbreakable with saying that the twist ending was the only thing that saved it. Signs is no Sixth Sense. I think too may people expect a repeat like that out of Shyamalan and end up disappointed. Signs was slow moving and suspenseful. I just like the way that Shyamalan develops the story slowly and keeps you guessing. I always feel like I have to pay attention to all the details, since they all mean something later. I also agree that a horror film without the blood and the gore is something I prefer. I am so not a Halloween/ Friday the 13th person.
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Originally posted by Ken
The kewl part is that in order to catch all the little clues he leaves within the movie, you really have to watch em more than just once.
I watched Sixth Sense just once and managed to catch almost all the clues the first time so I wasn't the least bit surprised by the way the movie ended. I never did see Unbreakable, but I am looking forward to Signs.
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My stepson, who will be 12 this month, went to see Signs recently with his mom and step-dad. He called us last night, and said it was the scariest movie he had ever seen! He also said he won't go outside after dark by himself now. (They live on a farm) Must have really spooked the poor guy!!!
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