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Everyone has such pretty dogs!

We have two, Melvin, and Puppy.

Melvin is a golden retriever, and Puppy is a black lab/chow/rottie mix.

We're also getting a basset hound in May/June of this year, which will make 3 doggies!
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One dog - yellow lab
2 cats
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We have 1 dog too, Mattie, our Boxer- my DH doesn't want more than one, either *sigh*, we'll have had her a year end of February- she'll be 2 then, too We got her from the humane society, and she is a wonderful dog!

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Siku. My best friend.

I don't have pictures right now because my last computer crashed and most of my pictures went with it. My brother is a computer tech and says he can get the pics off my old computer and put them on a CD for me.

Siku is a Samoyed mix, but you'd never know it because he is ALL sammy in his looks. He's all white, long hair, black eyeliner and lipliner. He's beautiful. People have called him the White Lion, his hair flies and shimmers around him when he runs.

I got him from a shelter when he was 10 weeks old. He is now 4 1/2 yrs old. He is as much a part of my life as the skin on my back. I could not imagine life without him.

He goes with me almost everywhere. He is never chained, leashed or fenced in. He stays in the yard and will not leave it except for an occasional run away down the street to a neighboring malamute, his girlfriend Shy-Shy. Occasionally Shy-Shy gets loose from her chain and comes up here. Both us owners have gotten so we don't even need to call, we just know where our dogs are when they turn up missing!

Siku is a LOVE. Gentle and sweet to other animals but very afraid of humans except for his pack mates--our family, close friends and other animals. He treats even the most smallest of animals like they are his own. I have not had him neutered because I don't believe in fixing something that doesn't need to be fixed (Shy-Shy is fixed though, otherwise we'd have some beauty little babies to spoil and hook up to a dogsled!!!)
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I had 5 larger sized dogs at one time but they have all crossed. 2 greyhounds, a brown hound mix, a black lab/border collie mix and a shepard mix. That was cool having so many big guys running underfoot - cooking dinner was always an adventure as they liked to lay around in the kitchen and I was always stepping over them (we called it the "doggie dance").

We're down to 2 now. Littermates that we got at the humane society when they were puppies. Their mom was an irish setter mix but Sam looks like a golden and Spike looks like a lab/setter mix.

Sam and Spike (at 75 and 95 pounds, they think they are lap dogs):

My ealier gang (4 of them anyway), lazing the day away with mom and a couple cats on the living room floor:
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I have 4 dogs. 3 are German Shepherds, and 1 is a Chihuahua
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6.1 (ok, she would make 7 cept she's too small for a whole number. LOL)

Butch - 12 years - Pitt Bull/ Husky

Bear - 9 years - Chow Chow

Angel - 7 years - Black Lab/ No clue

Cassie - 7 years - Irish Setter

B- 5 years - GSD/King Collie

Sweetie - 5 years - Chihuahua/mini schnowzer/jack russell (she's our .1)

Shorty - 5 months - Husky
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I just got a pug puppy.

Haven't been a dog person for a long time.
My Mom & sister gave away my St. Bernard in high school.

Anyway, Tink (my 8 week old pug) is such a sweetheart!!
I forgot how it is to walk in the door and have someone so excited and happy to see you!!

She is so sweet and fun to have around and we look forward to her as a part of the family.
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I have three dogs.

This is Queenie. I have had her the longest. She is 10 and we got her when she was around 10 months old. A friend of ours no longer wanted her because she was destroying their house so we took her in. She is really lovey dovey, especially in bed. She loves to dig under the covers to sleep.

This is Cassie Girl. She is 15. We have had her about 6 years or so. A friend of mine had her but she was not getting along with their other dog so we offered to take her in. She is dumber than a box of rocks but a really sweety.

And last but not least is Hanna. She is 13. We got her last October from a lady that posted an ad on CraigsList. The lady was moving and could not take Hanna with her, so we adopted her. She is a smart dog and she loves to cuddle and play fetch.

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I have two wonderful doggies.

Apollo is a 5 1/2 year old Bouvier des Flandres mix. We've had him sicne he was just over 5 weeks old. His momma abandoned him and 9 other puppies in July heat when they were 3 weeks old. So the owners hand raised them until 5 weeks.
He's a big suck. At almsot 90lbs and he still thinks he can fit in your lap

I also have had Mia, an approx. 3 year old Mexican hairless. She was shipped here from Washington, only to be given up to a rescue 9 months later becuase he pee'd and poo'd inside the house. I started fostering her, and we are just going to keep her. She is way too attached to me to be adopted now. We've had her since August of 06

And a picture of her naked
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I have five dogs. 2 samoyeds that live outdoors, 2 yorkies that live indoors, and 1 silkey that lives indoors.

- Haley

- Keltie

- Lacey

And this is how it normally is when all three are together.

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