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How many dogs do you have?

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How many dogs do you guys have and what kind? I have 5 dogs, I didnt mean to have so many but they are all rescues I just couldnt help it.

Winnie is my first dog, she is 3 and is a black lab
Sydney is 2 and she is a pit/boxer/shep/lab mix
Lana is 2 and is a Border Collie mix
Hyde is a little over one year and he is a black Labradoodle
Bear Bear is my baby boy, he is about 10-11 months old and is a goldne/lab mix

Here they are...

All of them enjoying some bones...

Sydney nursing the babies agian or I should say "trying" to nurse the babies...



Bear after falling in the pool...

Winnie swimming...
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Oh my goodness your dogs are so beautiful !!!! ILOVE the pic of the dog and cats !!!

I have one dog. His name is Snowball. He is a Bichon Frise. We love him to pieces.

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Just one, but he's enough for a townhouse.
Bear, 5 years old, Chocolate lab and some bully breed, probably pit.

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Just one...Stockey is my 11 year old American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT). He's very tolerant of my 3 month old kitten, Lusa. Lusa thinks pit bull ears make great toys

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Just one basset hound 4 year old Zoie

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I have 4.

Jenny - she is a rottie/yellow lab mix. She will be 9 on April 7th. she's my canine soulmate

Rocky - he is a black lab mix. He will be 10 on November 1st.

Buster - he is a treeing walker coonhound/english coonhound mix. He will be 3 on January 10th.

and last but certainly not least, Ginger. she's not really mine, she's my mom's but I can't exclude her when I post pictures. we think she is a rat terrier/chihuahua mix but maybe corgi rather than those 2? whatever she is, we love her all the same.

and we're not sure how old she is around 4-6 years maybe?

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I have 2, Vino, a 10 year old Lhasa Apso

and Girl, a approximately 9 years old English Cocker Spaniel, but I don't have any pics of her uploaded, but she looks like a mini golden retriever, or a cocker spaniel with a tail
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I have two wonderful dogs!

Ginger is 11yrs old. We adopted her as a small pup from a very high kill shelter. Her and her litter mates were about to be euthanized because they were wolf mixes (Their mom was a wolf and their daddy was a german shepherd dog/elkhound mix)....but we stepped in just in time and talked them out of it (they were all highly adoptable)...all of her siblings found great homes and Ginger found a wonderful home with us.

Fosters is around 2yrs old- Colin and I adopted him in May He's a Collie/Australian Shepherd mix!

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Wow, everyone's dogs are so beautiful!

I have two dogs, both I found as strays at different times.

Ginger is my Golden Retriever. She is 10 years old and is a therapy dog, she is in two organizations, one she does a program at a hospital where she helps patients with physical therapy and another is an organization which helps with children's literacy, where kids read to the dogs. She also used to do agility and trained in agility, flyball, obedience, and carting but she can't do those anymore because she has back problems (spondylosis.)

(older photo)

(recent photo)

My other dog Pooch is a 12 year old Rat Terrier mix-- mixed with what we're not sure, possibly some Staffy Bull Terrier in there and maybe Jack Russell. He's 12 but he still acts like a young dog, despite being partially deaf now (he knows hand signals...)

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I have one, a black lab/something mix named Cabela. She is actually my sister's dog, but her family moved into an apartment, and Cabela moved in with me. Thats been a year as of this month, so I count her as mine

Here is Cabela and her buddy, Etcetera D'Calico, having a nap in the back bedroom....

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awww, everyone has such cute pups!
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I have one .. Gidget or Gigi she is a yorkie I adopted at the humane society .... I have lots of pics just not to good at posting .... Gigi will be 9 on nov 1 ( she was 3.5 when she came to me ) .... Gigi will be the only dog unless I find a very large black male dog ... She tolerates dogs dogs over about 60lbs but prefer s the over 100lb ones.... She loves her sister Zoey and every other cat she has ever met
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HI What Beauties they all are,..I also LOVE the pic of the dogs & cats together,...that is precious,....,..
I have 2 little dogs,..a maltese,& a yorkie,...,..which tend to keep us busy,.as you must be too!!!!,..
I wish I could take pics of my babies,...& post them,..but my digital camera broke,..so all I can use is my cell phone,...lol,..& then,..I can send it in a email,..but to post it here,.well,..I have never been able to get it to work before when I tried,...but I guess,...I need to just keep trying,...until it works,...lol,...Thanks for sharing you babies,....TLEA
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HI,..What cuties!!,.....Ginger sounds SO awesome,...what a wonderful dog to be able to have had such a rewarding "career",..I guess is what I am trying to saylol,,,,...you must be such a proud parent,...lol,..I loved your pics,.....Thanks for sharing them,...TLEA
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We currently have one dog (DH doesn't want more then one), a yellow labrador we rescued from an abusive owner.

And one cat (Spooky died a few weeks ago). Sometime in the early spring we are hoping to adopt an Ocicat - can't wait
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I have 3 poochies Molly-was a "dumpee" and she is a gold retriever-BEST doggie ever!! Then next is Jimmie and hes going on one this month and he is a white boxer. And last but not least is Amy and shes a pit bull-and Im really not for sure on her age, but shes still a puppy, I do know that! I will have to find my pics and post them later.
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Two dogs
There is Zircon, who we think is a mix of a yellow lab and something that really hates rodents, like maybe a rat terrier. I got him from the shelter when he was 4 mos old. Best $90 I ever spent. He was trucked up to New England from North Carolina. Amazingly, I ran into someone on a dog board who was involved with the transport! If I am lucky, you will see a picture of him when he was small and cute.

here is an 'artsy' pic of Zircon, his lambie and a big bone

Sophia was a rescue, she used to be "momma" at a puppymill in North Carolina. When we got her she was very scared, would throw herself at our feet every 90 second. She did not know how to go up and down stairs, how to play with a toy, or what to do with a bone. Here she is wearing shorts. The shorts are to keep her from chewing on the stitches in her butt when she had a little cancer lump removed.

and here she is giving me the "Who me?" look

here are a couple of "woodstove pics", people on dog boards usually like them
Zircon and Sophia

Sophia and Henryetta (SD's cat)
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I've got two dogs, a 60 lb Chocolate Lab & a 95 lb. Lab/German Shorthaired Pointer/Coonhound mix. No pics at the moment....
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I have 5. 3 Border Collies and 2 Australian Shepherds.
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Your dogs are all very cute! I love Bear! I have 2 dogs Jada 1 year old Beagle/Jack Russell mix and Buddy 2 year old Aussie/Cocker mix.
These were taken on a family reunion camping trip. They arent used to being on a chain.


In my little tent. Getting ready to crash.
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I have two dogs. Shiba is a year and 1/2 old. She is a Shiba Inu and Border Collie mix( don't ya love my husband's original name he picked out). Kobe is my other baby. She is a 4 year old American Eskimo. They love my kitty and can't wait to play with her everyday.


The babies
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I have 3 dogs (well 2 mine and my BF dog lives here too)
Boof head is my 11 yo rotti x gawd only knows what.
Mishka is my 8 yo border collie x cattle dog(blue heeler).
and Prin
cess (PEE PEE) She is my BF 11month old jack russell x mini foxy.
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Look at everyone's beautiful babies!! I love this thread!

We have two Labradoodles, Ruby and Chester, the loves of our lives and our sweet children - they really are like children to us, along with the cats, we certainly treat them that way!

Ruby at about 18 months (a few weeks ago)

Chester on the same day, he's two months younger than Rubes, beautiful sweet little man

When Ruby was quite a lot younger, and probably in my top three favourite photos of her.....I just melt for her when she is sleeping

This is Chester the first day we ever got him at 13 weeks - look at those paws!!
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I have one and it's Bandit.Which is in my Avatar.He was found by my husband and I at a pond near our house with 3 of his littermates.
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I have 12 dogs.

7 dachshunds, 1 chihuahua (rescued, starving off the streets), 1 jack russel/Chihuahua/rat terrier (Also a rescue), 1 Rat terrier/Chihuahua/italian greyhound (another rescue), 1 dachshund and who knows what (rescue), 1 cocker spaniel/chihuahua (another rescue).

Not to mention my 30 rescued cats

I would post pictures, but they always get removed because I don't have time to resize them (And I post atleast 50 pictures in each picture thread I make on other forums)
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we have 2, they are brother and sister and we rescued them from the humane society when they were 8 weeks old we went to look at them and ending up coming home with 2 they are about 4 or 5 now and they are labs and some big babies

Here is Jasmine

Here is cocoa

And here they both are at the top of the steps together
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And what a pack it is!!! I couldn't imagine 30 cats, let alone the 12 dogs, and other critters too!!!

How do you afford all of the food and vet care for your enormous brood, if you don't mind me asking?

The doxies are all adorable, as your other breeds are as well.
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How do you afford all of the food and vet care for your enormous brood, if you don't mind me asking?
Well, my mom works full time, and is a Pediatrician. I don't work at all, but I get money from the Veterans Association and Social security because my father is deceased and was a U.S veteran. So..it pretty much gives us money to pay for anything thats needed , like vet care, high quality food (We don't feed crap!), toys, cat trees lol, etc.
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I have 2 dogs:

1 black lab mix named Daisy who will be 5 in June

and 1 we think is a min schnauzer/dachshund mix named Benji. We think he is 2 now but aren't positive.
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