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I am listening to an old soundtract right now Top Guns and I was wondering who all likes older rock and roll and country
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Just new rock and roll and country for me please
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Well by older rock n roll what do you mean? 80s? 70s? 60s? I like all kinds of music, from different eras..there were great bands from each of those decades, as well as from the 90s and the 00s
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well I like it all but I was thinking 80s at the time right now I switched to a cd that has this song called Bop my cousin the little dark haired girl in the pic with me as a little girl used to sing it to me and its very special to me.
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Almost any decade of R'n'R and country is fine with me as well as almost any other style of music. Right now I'm listening to the 1960's Bee Gees songs.
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Only Classical or Nick Cave for me right now!

Cheers, from
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That's the music I grew up with. Kinda sad when that's now considered "old rock".
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