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pictures of me when I was a little girl

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Okay in one of the pictures are three little girls. I am the first little blonde and my sister is in the middle and the dark haired girl is my big cousin she is 5years older than me her name is Christina but we call her Weedy she's like a big sister to me. She kind of ensured I would turn out like a little girl even though we were both little tomboys. There is one of me and my aunt and the lady carrying me is a second momma to me well really they both are cause my mom walked out when I was little. And the one with the horse is my mother and my neighbors daughter and a dog not sure but I think the dog was bonnie sue. I know the horse's name was beauty because we had her till I was 8 she was a quarter horse and was so gentle when I was four I climbed into the fence and grabbed her tail and said getty up horsey and she never even kicked at a fly but I think horses as well as all animals know the difference in small kids and adults. I hope you enjoy these pictyres. The woman in the picture with the horse is my mother. It was before she left or may have been one of the times she stopped in for a few days.
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Hey I had that chair when I was a little girl too! My parents thought that it was really cute.
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good picĀ“s!
Thank you for share with us!
you looks like a Beautiful princess on the pics!

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I love the pic of the three of you all squished in the chair. You're all so cute. It's a shame your mom left, but it seems you grew up surrounded by people who cared about you.
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I was so loved and so lucky I had the best dad ever he was so good to me he had a hard time because he was working the coal mines, and farming and taking care of us and my dad has a really hard time expressing himself and I guess I inheritted that to a certain extent. But he made sure we never went without it took him a long time to understand us growing up but he tried and that's all anyone can do. And my aunts and uncles helped my aunt tina is my mom's sister but she was more like a mom to me she even made sure we got birthday parties and slumber parties and I couldn't begin to thank them all enough and now I am crying just thinking about how blessed I was.
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You were very cute
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That's another angle of our neighbor/family friend who helped raise me, and of me being cute That's me and my cousin she's 4 years and 10 months older than me exactly that was on her birthday so I was two months old wasn't I a cutie pie. She wanted them to take me back at first she was very spoiled by her uncle joe who is my daddy. And that's me when I still had blue eyes they eventually turned green and I don't know how old I was there any guesses my sis says its her but its not See all the same baby my sister's nose is different than mine but that's me again I am surprised I had a shirt on I was the shirtless baby and you was lucky if I had pants on. I don't know old I was there too and that's my cousin again as you can see we was very close growing up
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I love looking at old photos thanks for sharing!
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awww...those pictures are darling! you were such a cutie when you were a little girl!
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Your just a little cutie pie!!!
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I was a brat well in a good way I was a climber and my uncle said I used to take the can goods out of the cabinets and take the labels off so he had to play vegetable surprise he would find me quiet and look around and I would be rolling unlabled cans around on the floor. And when my sister was about two months old I decided I was going to "help" her out of the crib, they told me about this, and well I wasn't but about a 1 and 1/2 myself and I dropped her on her head. SHe blames me for being silly. She says I am the reason she is silly because I dropped her on her head. I say that's all her doing. I also tried to drain her down the bathtub funny how that didn't work. But when I was little I had a very bad speech impetiment and she was the only one and weedy the other little girl who could make out what I was trying to say but Terry could understand me better than weedy could at times. I still have trouble with my words getting twisted and not being able to say what I want at times.
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