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bengal with girardia

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Please can someone help

I have a 12 year old bengal an 18 year old siamese
when the bengal was a baby he had Giradia and gave it to my
siamese..took 30 days 2 times a day to finally get rid of it in both cats

now ! I just got a new georgous bengal kitten..and Voila
here we go again....Dirreaha wrong spelling sorry...and now
both other cats have it...I am so disgusted...My new vet keeps
telling me to bring in stool samples. a total waste AS THEY NEVER
FOUND IT IN MY OLDER CATS.. even took stools to biolgy dept
of a large vet hospita..

Now with my old siamese I am so afraid this might really kill him
it is so depressing....Does anyone know what might help to
stop the dirr....as it is awful...

I clean my litter pans 3 times a day..and they still got it

I am ready to cry... My vet said try yougart...
I just want the meds..and end this nightmare..if possible

I took my bengal they took blood all is fine...so I am sure it's
giradia or maybe coccidia...the breeders say no not my cats..

why is this happening..all over again
thanks for any advice you can give me for the time being
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Before you can start a treatment regimine for these cats, you really need to know for sure what is causing the problem.
Take a fecal sample from all three cats to a different vet, preferablly a vet hospital with a good lab.
Taking pot shots with medicines on a guess isn't a good course of action.

I do have questions, since you've brought a new kitten in. Has there been a food change for the older cats? Are they eating the kittens food with or without your knowledge? Maybe the food is too rich and giving them an upset stomach? How long did it take after the kitten arrived for your adults to present with loose stools?
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Google "giardia in cats" to get more information. There's several good sites, but they have different info, so check out a few.

Giardia is a parasite present in soil and water, so you can bring it in the house and if any of your cats have access to the outside they can pick it up in contaminated water. It's passed as cysts in their feces. Some animals can be carriers and not be affected by it, but pass it on to others.

Our dog had several bouts with giardia, and it always seemed to pop up after he had been in a kennel and stressed. He would come home and a week later have giardia. Poor guy.

Not a fun thing to deal with and not always easy to diagnose. Hope you find some answers for your three.
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Hi Thanks so much for your response. Your cats are gorgeous!!!
My brother did not have a clue ..but he got lucky as the kitten
is beautifully spotted..with rossettes however, this problem
has to be gir..that smell is something I wlll never forget! and the
blow out dirr is terrible...

stinks.It's the same as 12 years ago..

The new bengal is a holy terror he wont even eat baby food..and
is already 8 lbs..he plays 16hrs a day ..But the other guys have not
had a dirr before the new bengal came in bowels perf..normal
never changed their food as the old bengal will only eat one kind of food
and I mean I tried everythning to change his diet but never could

I want to start flagyl but I will never get it down the kitten he is
a tough little critter he will go in all the cats pans and
drink for any bowl I have down..my cats have never seen the light of
day out side ...I am so very worried about treating my 18 year old siamese..
had the older bengal blood work all is normal..
By the way is there any way of making the new baby lay off the
2 old cats.. I think I created a monster..however, now I really am
falling in love with the baby ..but he is a terror..and does not listen
at all! forget water...he loves it..no is not in his vocab!

All these vets want to do is test stools and test stools From
previous experience with this parasite it is sometimes impossible
to find. so 12 years ago Penn here in phila just decided to treat
after 4 weeks 2 times a day...metrzional they both pooped the
worst dirr I ever saw.and never again had a problem since the
brat got here..

Thanks SO very much
for your kindness.. I just wish it was one of your fab cats..
he should have never got me a young cat he is toooo tough for the
old guys now..
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aprox 2 months.I am sorry I really don't know how to use this site
so if I repeated forgive me...The siamese just started 2 days ago.. with dirr
the older one last week...
I know it is the kitten as his poos stunk since day
one ! however, his is not quite as bad as the bigger ones but now they
just all have the same smell
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GET STOOL samples INTO THE VET .... Kai is right on with the dont treat something that isnt known for sure... Since it is weekend I would advise a trip to the ER clinic in your area... PLEASE take one or all of the cats and get them checked... Also have you called the kittens breeder( pardon me if you noted that )..
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