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Awesome News

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If anybody remembers my post in the New Cats on the Block, it said i had Kricket, was a bottle raised kitten, who tested positive for FIV at 3 months old. Well that 6 month point was reached and it was time to retest Kricket, well after being a decent blood donor at work (i work as a vet asst.) we did a FeLV/FIV snap test done, 10 minutes later and the results were there......She was NEGATIVE!!! It so made my day and all my worries for the last 3 months we released as a huge smile and the weight off my shoulders. As a treat i jumped on ebay and ended up buying her an even bigger cat tree. (give me a day and i'll get them posted) I thought everybody might like to know how even though a kitten tests positive while 3 months or younger, at that 6 month point it is VERY important to retest. This is not the first case I've seen go like this since working at the hospital.
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Woohoo!! So happy for you and Kricket!

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Thats fantastic news !!! Cant wait to see the pics of her new bigger cat tree !!! She deserves it and so do you !!!!
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here are just 2 pictures, the others are still on the camera.

Peeking over the edge of a perch

Flying down the ladder

and i'm sorrie this one is sideways my b/fs computer doesnt have any photo program that i can even it change it with.....grrr
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That's great news!!!!

She's a beauty!
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great to hear!!!
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What a nice cat tree Kricket has ....... she LOVES it !!!
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That's wonderful news! And she certainly looks like she's enjoying the tree.
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That's great news! Congratulations to you both!
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She's a beautiful Calico. How pretty those pics are. Good for you, you have a beauty.
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