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Here is our new kitten, Keeba. We just got her last night... isn't she adorable?

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Aaaww! Keeba, you're finally home! Welcome to the family, precious little one!
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Aw look at her! What a precious little kitten.
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What a cutie Keeba is! She's having so much fun with her toy.
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She's beyond adorable! Congratulations on your new little girl!
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Aww she's a sweetie!
What part of fla you coming to?
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Oh she's so CUTE Congratulations!!
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Thanks everyone! She is a sweetheart! We love her so much!

What part of fla you coming to?
I'm from Tampa, Florida. I moved to Maryland so that my boyfriend could finish school here. Once he's done, we'll move back to Florida. Not sure what part we will go to though - looked into Sarasota. My family is in Fort Myers, so I want to be somewhere close to them.
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Keeba is just precious. What a cute face she has.

My sister lives in Florida, in the St Petersberg area. I'd like to move there, myself, because the cost of living is so reasonable there. The weather is a little too hot and humid for me, but I'd put up with that, for the cost of living.
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She's a cutie for sure!
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Awwwwwww how cute!! She looks like she' having a blast!
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She is so cute
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Awww, what a baby doll! looks like she's got a lot of spunk too!
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Welcome to TCS! Your little keeba is a doll!!!! Feel free to pm me if you need anything! My name's Nikki!
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Thanks everyone!! She does have tons of spunk!!

Here are some more!

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Aww Keeba is aboslutely an adorbale spunky girl
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Oh my word is she a cutie pie or what!!! She looks like she's a little daddys girl
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