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My cat and people food

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My fiance found a kitty outside...he is has been an indoor kitty for a lil over a month or so. We free feed him dry kitten food and give him wet food at certain times a day. But when ever we are eating our food he trys everything he can to get it. when he does get it he runs and hides and eats it. He eats it like he is starving or something. He can eat anytime he wants so I know he is not hungry. He is a lil over 5 months. Is this normal. Is there something I can do so he will stop this behavior. Other than this he is a sweet and loving kitten. When I pick him up and put him on the floor away from our food he sneaks around us and trys to get at the food without us seeing. when we give him little treats he goes for it fast and almosts bites our fingers. I don't know what to do with him.
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One thing to try would be to give him his favorite wet food to enjoy while you eat your meal. To help save your fingers, when you give him his treats, place them in the palm of your hand.
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Have you taken him to the vet to have him looked after since you've taken him in?

He's still a baby and burns up loads of energy doing kitten things. So he might very well be hungry. Do you leave food out all of the time and let him have as much as he wants right now? If not, you should because he's still growing.

Also, back to the vet business. If he hasn't been to a vet for a visit you should take him. He's around the age that he should be neutered before he starts to yeowl and spray, plus he could have intestinal worms that are eating up all of the nutrients he is taking in when he eats.
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If he was on the street for any length of time, he's geared to having to fight for his food and then hide it, so it may take him some time (months) before he relaxes and eats more casually.
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That sounds like normal kitten behavour - mine were all like that as kittens, esp Mosi who would snatch the food right out of your mouth given half a chance. I found the only way to stop it was to be persistent and consistent in refusing to let him have it. When Mosi clambered all over me to get at my food I'd gently push him away and say "No" firmly. He'd be back a couple of seconds later but it only took a few days for him to get the message. You have to be very determined not to give any food though, otherwise that will be enough encouragement for him to keep trying. If I want to give them something I'm having they wait until I'm finished then I put the plate on the floor for them to lick. Mean meowmy yes, but at least I get to eat my meals in relative peace!
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I've had my two since they were 3 weeks old, they are now 9 and they have never wanted for food, one is so gentle he will take a cat treat from my mouth, he is patient and will always wait for food, Macavity however, is completely different, he behaves as if he doesn't know where his next meal is coming from and will snatch if I don't tell him off! they are full brothers. Perhaps it just comes down to personality. Macavity will always go to his brothers bowl to see what he's left. I think he's just greedy. He does know he's doing wrong, he will look at our food as if he's missing out on something. Poppadums are a favourite, cheese puffs and he adores potato, mashed chipped and especially roasted, I think he has more Irish blood in him then I do. Needless to say we rarely give him these treats but it doesn't stop him hoping.
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The more he succeeds the worse it will get. When he gets some of your food you need to chase him down and snatch it from his mouth. Don't worry, he'll forgive.
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I have have taken him to get looked at by a vet and he was givin a clean bill of health and he has access to food at all times. We do take the food away when he is successful when we can.

Thanks everyone for your advice I will try it.
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When Trout was little, she would literally jump in my cereal bowl when I was eating..she was crazy for human food...Even now if put food on the coffee table, she slowly starts skulking toward it (Like I don't notice)
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yeah...man, if i left the room unattended for a second...i'd often come back to find all the cheese and toppings gone from my pizza!!! ( )

and now, for whatever freakin' reason...Tinu (the girl twin) LOVES dry-roasted peanuts. comes running from wherever, whenever she hears the sound of the glass jar being tipped on it's side. Bombadil, (the boy twin) could care less!

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