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Natures Way...

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As much of an animal lover as I am, I too know sometimes you have to let nature take it course.
Today DH and I seen a baby squirrel struggling to get up a tree. At a closer look we seen it's back legs were either broken or paralyized. DH and I sat and watched him slink slowly up the tree with a piece of bread it found under a car.
I desperatly wanted to help this poor little thing. At that moment, DH reminded me that sometimes you just have to let nature take it's course and that we can't save them all.
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yes i know it is hard sometime to just sit back and watch when a furry one is in need. so sorry you had to go threw that.
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It is very sad sometimes..

One time me a my sister found a baby robin that fell out of his nest..and the momma wouldn't help him, so we scooped him up and started feeding him and taking care of him..He ate a ton.. every morning my sister would personally pick some worms out of the ground and chop them them up so he could eat...Well, one morning she was almost late for work and didn't have time to feed him...She asked me to feed him when I got home around 3pm, but he hadn't eaten for hours...so when I was trying to feed him, his little head was bobbing up and down, and he was trying to eat, but too weak already..I tried spritzing him with water too, and that perked him up but only for seconds at a time..

Anyway, long story I know, but is was sad, as I was the one who was with him when he died, and its very sad to bury a little innocent creature who had no crimes in life..just happened to fall from a tree and his life was over.

It was very sad.
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awww, that's soo sad
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I had a finch hit the window Thursday afternoon!! I have those gel things on the windows and birds still run into the windows.
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