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Heartgard and FL?

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Hi all

First off I have to say thank you all for being such wonderful cat enthusiasts. Reading here always helps me figure what to do- especially Jasmine has ceased vomitting since I elevated her foodbowl and swear by it

Recently I had to take her to the vet to get her annual shots (by law in FL she needs rabies vaccination and the vet also recommends a few others we also do) and they have been very strongly stressing heartgard.

In the past I will give heartgard to all 3 of mine in the summer months when the weather is heavy with mosquitoes- I like to cook out often, and despite my kitties being inside kitties- i can really tell when the mosquitoes are out and when they aren't.

That doesn't mean however that there always is that miniscule chance one could get inside and transmit the disease to my cats, but we live in a rural area and our house is barely 2 years old. With newer construction and tighter codes it is well sealed against insects and nasty Florida weather.

I love and trust my vet and at the same time know they also benefit from perscribing Heartgard (and other similar medications like it) and it strikes me as funny because I used to live on the coast in SW Florida (now Orlando) and the mosquitoes wouldbe SO thick if you went outside your exposed skin would be black from them!!! Yet.. the vets back home only perscriped it for dogs (at least, our cat was an outside cat back then and as far as i know we never gave her it.. but then again I was like.. 10)

Soooooooo.. how do you guys feel about this? It'd cost about $200 a year to treat all of my cats for heartworm prevention, but they are indoors ina very well taken care of home so the chances of a mosquito getting in and biting them are slim (yet anything is possible)

Thank you very kindly in advance for your responses!
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Hi Chrisstie-

I'd been concerned about heartworm too. I asked my vet about it, and she felt that the incidence of heartworm in cats in my area of the country was very low, and that it wasn't necessary to use a preventive.

However, in Florida, it may be a different circumstance. I did a search on incidence of heartworms in cats in FL, and found a site you may want to look at. It's not the most recent info, but it gives some good information that I suspect hasn't changed much.


You'll see several titles- click on "Heartworm Preventive", the 4th title from the top. It's the same question you have from someone who also lives in Florida (with indoor cats) and the vet's response to her.

Hope this helps.
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