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Need some get well vibes for Pooch...

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Well, we just noticed tonight that Pooch has an ear infection in his left ear, so off to the vet we go first thing in the morning. Poor pup, I check his ears every week, but this one looks like its been there a few days. It looks pretty nasty and I feel like a horrible fur-mom for not noticing it sooner.

If you guys could give him some get well soon vibes, it sure would be appriciated!! Hopefully we can get this cleared up pretty soon and get him some relief.

Here's a link to his pictures if your interested...
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Ooohhh, I just went through this - good luck!
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Best wishes and tons of vibes for pooch!!
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Sending vibes to you and to Pooch ........ hes so beautiful
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Many prayers and get well vibes coming your way!!
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Thank you all so much!! I just feel so bad about it. He's my baby you know? He's never had an ear infection before, so I hope maybe it will be pretty easy to clear up...
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Pooch, you're such a cutie! Please feel better very soon, and please give your Mom a hug from us and tell her she's taking super care of her baby!
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Aww, poor Pooch Plenty of healing vibes going out to your handsome guy
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Oh goodness! Lots of vibes comming your way for little Pooch! How is he doing today?? Better I hope! He is such a handsome little guy too!! (Also- I wouldn't worry Too much about the ear infection....they are common in a lot of dogs....(Fosters had a nasty one when we first adopted him....but his meds cured it right up) Good luck!
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Thanks for all the vibes everyone!!

Pooch is doing a little better today, only the outer ear was affected so it should be easy to clear up!! He's on Clariton for a week and some ointment for his ear. Apparently, he has food alergies and thats what brought this on (along with some other things). We feed purina one chicken flavor, which is what my vet reccomended, but we were giving the occasional busy bone and what not. He's allergic to the dyes in the processed treats we think. So now he only gets fruits, veggies, and baked chicken as treats.

I'm so glad that the inner ear wasn't infected! Poor baby should be back to normal in no time!

Thanks again for all the vibes, compliments and well wishes!
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Awwww Pooch should be better in no time ....... glad it wasnt so bad ...
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Oh, good luck Pooch! I hope everythingt turns out great and safe!

I'm sending good vibes to you and your family!
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Sending vibes that Pooch's ear clears up quickly!
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