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Bengal and....?

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Well, I will have a new bengal kitten next week and am attempting to find a suitable friend for life. Anyone who may know a bengal's personality; what type of personality should I look for in another cat, so that they may get along splendidly Also, the bengal is a male, if that matters much.
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If your looking for another breed cat as a companion for your new bengal, then the obvious best choice would be another bengal.

If not another bengal, then you should choose a very active athletic breed that loves to play. Bengals still act alot like kittens as adults.

Some other active breed choices for you might be Abby's, Somali's, Egyptian Mau, Ocicat, Singapura or a Rex.
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I agree with the above choices except for the rexes and singapura. While they are active cats, they are on the small side - 5-7 lbs (Singas are the smallest breed - 4-5 lbs) and may be too "delicate" for a much bigger bengal cat who can weigh twice as much or more.

You want to look for a cat that is closer in size or at least over 8-9 lbs
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