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Cat spirits

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Ok hope this is ok to post and no one gets offended...But had to ask who believes they stick around for some time. I ask this after having smokey euthed monday and losing 9 other cats/kittens over last 10 years. the 3 baby kittens and my other cat toby(who was sick over a longer period of time) I lost I didn't feel it but with 4 (2-6 yo) of them I felt them for a week or so. Thanks for any replys to this. RJ
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I read many stories of pets that stick around after death. At 15 i had a cat that died, and wished that she was beside me at night when I cried alot for her loss. I don't know if I'm mad or nuts or crazy of both things but I used to feel something on my quilt sometimes, like a cat jumping or resting beside my leg. This all happened before I got my 3 cats starting from 2 years ago. So I had these feelings for a long time, on and off, and I always suspected of Muxa and never was afraid. For some people this is all blah blah blah but I intend to continue thinking that it was her I loved that cat alot, she was my first and gave me confort when I was younger. Pity I don't feel her anymore.
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Fred is still around. I had him for 18 years, and sending him to teh Bridge was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. He still walks around on my bed at night sometimes, especially when I am not feeling well.
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Tucson died a year ago and he's still around. I get the feeling that he teaches Quill. It's quite odd sometimes the way Tucson acted, and I will see Quill doing the same things Tucson did. One day I saw Quill with one of Tucson's old toys, one that I hadn't seen for about two years. There was Quill with the yellow mouse, playing as if he'd always had it. Then there was a dream one night, two weeks after Tucson had died. It was like he had just jumped on the bed, slept where he usually slept, then in the dream-morning he went away. I woke up with tears in my eyes because I knew he was saying goodbye. I think he's decided to stick around and watch over us. He is still here. If not in spirit, then in heart. But sometimes, out of the corner of my eye, I can see a cat shadow, and I know it's him. It has to be.
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