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Christening Gown

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I found the most beautiful gown on e-bay for Amber's christening!! I bought it immediately since it had the option to do this, and it was less than 1/2 the price of the ones I looked at in Des Moines yesterday!! I think it is so beautiful, I wanted to show it to you!!! I don't know if I can post it though, although I saved the picture, it may be too large to post here....let me try it, and if it doesn't work...then Iwill have to e-mail it to someone to post here for me, since I can't resize it myself.

Well, I tried to post it, and it said it was too large...anybody online who I can e-mail it to right now, and could resize it for me and post it here?
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Okay, I am doing some experimenting with this, so bear with me...

Let me know if you can see this picture...
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OMG!!! I hope this worked!!! I can see it in my last post, but of course that doesn't mean anyone else can someone please tell me????????
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I can see it! Very pretty dress, Debby! Amber will look so beautiful in it.
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Oh THANK YOU, Tigger!!! I have FINALLY mastered the art of resizing my own pics!!! I have tried and tried, and now I did it!!! Yaaaay!!

Now I will be able to post my own pictures of the baby when she comes and I get them developed and saved on my computer, instead of bugging someone else to do it for me!!

Thanks for replying...I have been so curious to see if it worked!
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The dress is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

Quick question for any one who may know the answer. Traditionally, isn't the Godmother supposed to buy the christening gown/outfit? Good friends of my have asked me to be the Godmother of their soon to arrive baby. Of course I happily agreed. I know they are expecting me to get the outfit. (Which is fine.) What else is expected? Would that be the gift or would that be just part of it? Thanks for your input.
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I really wish I could help you, but we don't have a Godmother or Godfather for the baby. If anything happens to both my husband and I, his daughter, who is almost 18, wants to raise her, and that seems like the best choice, as she has alot of experience with babies, having three younger brothers, and is very mature. There really is no one else in the family who would want to take on this kind of responsibility, and my friends have children of their own to raise and it would be quite a burden, so if something does happen to us, his daughter wants to raise her herself.

Hopefully nothing will happen to both of us, but if it does, it shouldn't happen right away, I hope, and his daughter will be older then, too.

I am sorry I don't have any answers for you liman...maybe someone else knows.
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I think that making your stepdaughter the godmother is a beautiful gesture. Given the age difference, she will be more like an aunt than a half sister anyway.

The gown is beautiful! As to the tradition of the godparents buying it, I am unfamiliar with that one. It seems that nowadays, so many traditions are becoming lost. Technically, godparents are supposed to "make sure" that the child is receiving spiritual upbringing. I think it's more and more a way to honor friends or relatives anymore.
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it's absolutely gorgeous!
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Debby, That gown is absolutely gorgeous! It does seem to be the custom now for the godparents to buy the christening outfit. It has become a way of honoring people, but to those who take the honor to heart, it is a promise to see to the child's religious education in case the parents died unexpectedly. They do take that oath.
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The gown in beautiful Debby! Amber will look so beautiful in it.
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Thank you!!! I am really anxious to get it! Another nice thing about it, is that when I first saw it, there was no size listed and so I e-mailed them and asked what size it was, and when the lady replied, she said she didn't realize she had not listed the size, and just because I pointed that out, she is sending me a christening blanket to go with the gown, for free!!
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Hi Debby,
Ihad been waiting for the news
So the young lady has arrived Congratulations and if she is taking after her mother she must be a little beauty.I guess you are both well otherwise you wouldn´t be writing about a Christening gown.
How did it go and how big and long was she and when was the date?I´m glad you´ve got it behind you as it isn´t exactly eating cotton candy.I´m pretty sure you haven´t got your curtains yet.You wrote the lady had a stroke. hopefully she is better off than I am then yoll get your curtains. I can´t hold anything in my left hand and for sewing you need both hands. I would have loved to sew a little dress for her from a typically German material. I made 2 for friends in Canada and the States before I fell ill Should I improve drastically soon I´ll make and send you one though there is no real chance.All the very best for you and your family Love Elisabeth
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Hi! I am so sorry to hear you still haven't recovered the full use of your hand yet...hopefully that will improve with time. I will pray that it will.

Actually....I have not yet had the baby! But thanks so much for all the nice things you said!! I just bought the Christening gown, because I knew I would be needing one soon. But she still has not made an appearance.
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Debby, that gown is just beautiful! It's really too bad she will only wear it once. Guess that's why those christening gowns become heirlooms. They are just too pretty to only be used once.

I haven't heard of the godparents buying the outfit. I'm godmother to my best friend's three sons, and other than raising them if something happened to both parents (god forbid), I pretty much just showed up for the baptism. It really is more to honor friends and family now. It's amazing the feuds that can start in a family over who sponsors (Lutheran term for godparent) who's children.
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I plan on putting it away safely until she gets old enough to have a daughter of her own, then giving it to her to use for her child, if she wants to. Also, if Brooke (My step-daughter) ever has a girl, I could loan it to her for her baptism.
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Wow Debby....gorgeous gown! Amber will be gorgeous in it.

Another really cute idea for the gown: A lady I know had her daughter's christening gown transformed into a beautiful pillow for the ring bearer to carry on her daughter's wedding day. Her fear was that her daughter would not have a daughter. She was right. Some people would rather just hang onto the gown "in case" and, if you do, make sure you have it stored somewhere. The gowns tend to yellow in time and I'm guessing you'd like to keep it for approx. 25 years? Some people do cringe at the thought of taking a gown apart so this may not be the solution for everyone.

My 2 boys wore white satin tuxedos. Identical... but I had to go buy a new one for Nicolas because he was way too big to fit into Steven's tuxedo!
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That is a cute idea about the wedding pillow!!! And someday I do hope to have a cedar chest I can keep things like this in, I also have my wedding dress to keep, but it is just hanging in the closet right now, but it is at least covered with plastic, so hopefully it won't yellow for awhile longer, before I get a cedar chest someday...which will be down the road aways, but so far it hasn't turned yellow, and it has been hanging there for 8 years. I almost had a catastrophe with it a couple years ago, when Merlin was a kitten, he managed to get into the closet, and clawed the plastic bag up that the dress was in, and when I saw it I almost fainted!! The dress has so much lace on it, and I was sure it was ruined, but on inspection, luckily, Merlins claws had only pierced the bag, and had not reached the dress...I hung it way back behind some things where he could not reach it after that!!!
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The dress is beautiful!
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What a gorgeous gown! She will look like a princess the day of her christening.

I haven't heard of the tradition of the godparents buying the gown. I will be my sister's little girl's godmother and I will be buying her a gold necklace with a cross.
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Oh Debby,

That is lovely! I can't wait to see her in it!
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Debby, Not only will you soon have the title, Mommy, you are now a computer expert extraordinaire!! You will be my new computer expert!
Good for you!
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:LOL: Jeanie, If I am now classified as a computer expert...the computer world is in BIG trouble!! :laughing:
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I just wanted to add that some dry cleaners offer a service called "preservation" for wedding gowns and christening dresses. They clean and press the gown, and then it is put in an airtight box with a 'chemical' that keeps it from yellowing and being discolored. Its got a clear top, so you can still see the gown, and they lay it out just perfectly so you are looking at it like it was in a catalog.

I had my wedding dress done, and in the box they put my shoes and my veil as well. Its a perfect package! It cost me $150 for it but its well worth the money if you ask me, you can treasure your dress and memories for many more years!
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That is a GREAT idea! I wonder if they do that around where I live? It will have to wait till I have some extra money, though...but it is something to keep in mind!! Thanks for the tip!!
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