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Oh no i ruined my hardwood floor! :(

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2 days ago my dad pulled the tape from the floor, and because he pulled it so quickly it left sticky marks on the floor.
Yesterday my mother told me to pour vinegar and scrub it, i poured a little bit because i didnt want it to lift and then scrubbed and dried it but couldnt get the sticky stuff to come off, then my mother tried but when i went into the room i saw horror!!

3 parts lifted up! and the sticky stuff hasnt come off yet!
I was almost in tears.
I dont know what to do!?

Do you know/think that it will go down again? and how the heck do i get the sticky stuff off?
She keeps on telling me that it will go down again, but i dont know?
My room was so beautiful untill yesterday afternoon, i dont want to lose my bond money because of this accident
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The wood is probably warped because of the moisture in the vinegar. Maybe try a hair dryer to dry it out?

For the sticky residue, put a bit of cooking oil on a cloth and rub over the sticky area. That should remove it.

You are not having very good luck, Fran. Hang in there!
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I would use an oily substance to remove sticky residue - it seems to break it down. Don't let anything soak into the wood. Is it wood or laminate?
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Gosh i know im having such bad luck in the last few days, i probably jinxed it when i was so "happy" the other week
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So, the actual laminate peeled off? I just looked at my floor, and the laminate part is such a thin layer.
I would guess that it's because vinegar is acidic that it's done this damage.
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No it hasnt peeled off, its just lifted, but its still intact in a weird sort of way?
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Hmm, so it's kind of like a bubble? Maybe your mom's right and it will go back down. If it's dry now and not down, what I would do is put a little glue under it, then flatten it down. Make sure there's no glue seeping out, then put something heavy on top overnight. That should stick it down!
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Once it has lifted laminate does not go down - it is not wood at all on top, but often paper with varnish on top. One of the problems with laminate is you must never get it wet. Sorry, but that is the truth.
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This happend to me also. Vinigar did NOT ruin it! Infact vinigar is a great cleaner for the floor. It bubbled probably due to the rooms tempature. Your house needs to say at a certian temp for 72 hours before and after the floor is put in. There is floor glue you can use to have the floor stick back down.
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Hmm, nope it was the vinegar because the floors have been put in for about 3 weeks now
Its actually like a bubble i dont know if i can stick glue in it?
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The moisture in the laminate from the vinegar caused it to buckle. That is common and happens when you get a laminate floor wet like that. That's why it looks like it is "bubbling" to you. As far as what to do next- I would call your local hardware store and ask them! They are very knowledgable on things like that and will be able to advise you on how to get it to go back down as well as how to get the sticky stuff off of there. Good luck!

-Don't use regular glue on it!!! Glue has moisture to it as well and might damage the laminate flooring. Wait and see what your local hardware store recommends....there are different types of glue, want to make sure you use the right thing on it.
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Why don't you wait until tommorow to do anything? If it is simply from the moisture, as happens to my kitchen counter when I do the dishes, it buckles like that and the particle board / plywood underneath swells up, and then by the next day it's pretty much back to normal.
If the damage is permanent, then a day hasn't hurt anything.

When I find myself in that sort of situation, I usually make the problem worse trying to fix it right away. Maybe that's just me, but tommorow the problem may be gone or you may have a better answer for what to do about it.

Feel better! I bet your new floors are just so pretty if you ignore that one spot!
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Thanks guys it happened yesterday, i checked it today but my mother told me to turn the heater on and watch what happens tomorrow and sunday, if the damage is done she will buy me a carpet to cover the spot
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That's on eof the downsides to laminate-its affinity to moisture. Hopefully if it drys (try a fan) some of the damage will go away.
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well i went there today and its gone down by alot, hopefully in the next 2 - 3 days it will go down completely.
There were 3 lumps now there are only two!
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that's a good update! hopefully it will competly dry up and the spots will all go down
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