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Saturday's DT

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I don't think there is already a daily thread started, but if there is, someone let me know, and I will merge them.

Went shopping yesterday with a friend and we went to several baby stores...she is pregnant too, and I wanted to look for a beautiful Christening gown....something special to have Amber christened in...well, I found some really beautiful gowns....with really beautiful prices. This one store had the most beautiful baby clothes I have ever seen....and the prices were so outrageous!! Just for a little sweater shirt and pants set they wanted $47, and some of the little outfits were $65. For ONE outfit!!!

The christening gowns they had there were absolutly fit for a queens baby!!! They were satin and silk, with fine lace and beads, and hung down way long, about a foot past where the babies feet would be...just BEAUTIFUL!!! Guess how much they wanted for those??? $80-$90.
So needless to say...I passed on that!!!! WOW!! Who can afford this stuff????

The other shop we went to was priced a little better, but they still wanted $40-$50 for a Christening outfit, which wouldn't be so bad, although still very pricey, except compared to the other ones I had just seen, these seemed very plain looking, and none of them were what I wanted.
So I decided to just skip it for now..and maybe look on e-bay for one,
because other than the changing table incident, I have had good luck on e-bay with baby stuff, and I know there are several christening outfits on there. Not sure what they are going for, price wise, but thought I'd check into it.

I did come home with two new outfits, but they were cheap...one was $10 and one was $20 (and it was a three piece outfit)

Today I don't have anything going on...just relaxing. Hubby is in the living room watching some hunting video with his buddy...(Yuk) (The video that is, not the buddy..:laughing: )

Hope everyone is having a great day here!!!!!
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I just came back home from a long long drive - it may not be long in American terms but it certainly is for us. We went up north to the Golan Heights to attend hubby's nephew's Bar Mitzvah party. It's 2.5 hours each way and I was the one driving

Anyway we're back and still in one piece The celebration itself was really nice. They live in a wonderful kibbutz which is such a great place to bring up children at. So warm and loving! I do envy them. It's like having a gigantic family of several hundreds that is always there for you. Lovely place too. Here's a picture:

Debby - those gowns sound really expensive. I hope you find something good and cheap at Ebay. As for regular baby clothes - my advice would be go for the cheap stuff Ron is growing so fast, he never got to wear some of the outfits we bought him. Those that he did wear he used maybe 2-3 times and then they became too small. So, all of the expensive ones were a waste of money really. The best thing to do is get some second-hand ones if you have some that "run in the family". I found those to be the best and they come free!
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Not much happening here today. Hubby worked this morning so I had a movie fest. I watched Jackie Chan in Drunken Master and John Cusak in Serendipity. I enjoyed Serendity, but the Jackie Chan one wasn't his best. I think we are just going to have a quiet day today now that the hubby is home - he worked 75 hours this week! Tomorrow we will drive to the cottage (2.5 hours) and spend the day. We will come back early evening so that the cats are taken care of.

I hope everyone else has a good day.
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Anne...that is a beautiful picture! looks like a nice place to live!

Ady...hope you have a wonderful time tomorrow!

Anne, my neice just had a baby girl last year, but she won't be offering me any hand me downs I'm afraid...she and I don't really "click" and although I love her, she is one of those who thinks she is a bit better than others. Maybe she doesn't really feel that way, but that is the feeling I get when she is around me...like she is better than me, because she has a masters degree or is it a bachelors degree? whichever is the highest...she has it, and I'm sure all of her baby clothes cost an arm and a leg, too. She doesn't talk to me too much.
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hey gals.

I don't have much to report on here. I'm in a good mood, hubby and I are going out tonight w/ my brother and his wife. We hardly ever go out without the kids, it only happens 3 or 4 times a year. So, my mom is coming to watch my 2 and my brothers son as well so we can go out to dinner and go play pool. It should be fun, I'm looking forward to a meal without anyone under the age of 5 there. Aren't I bad???

Its hot here once again, this summer has been really unbelievable. I mean, normally New England is hot, but there is relief in the evenings and normally 90's dont last that long. It seems like its been 90 every day for the last 3 weeks. UGH. I really hate it. My AC has been on non stop, I can't wait to see my electric bill this month. Its gonna be a bad one I bet.

So, I'm getting offline to go get myself in the shower. My kids are excited their Nana is babysitting, they know they are going to get whatever they want tonight, she always spoils them!:tounge2: She gives them sugary snacks, lets them run wild, watch TV, whatever their little hearts desire. Oh, I do love her.

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I hope you have a great time, Daniela!!!
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Anne, that really does look like a nice place to bring up a family!

Debby, I agree with all Anne's advise on buying infant's clothing. I actually think it's best to continue buying the less expensive clothing for the first few years since kids grow soooo fast! Growing kids have spurts of growth, even when he was in grade school, my son kept outgrowing all his clothing so suddenly!
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Thanks Debby, I'm sure we'll have a blast!!

And yes, do not spend money on baby clothes if you can help it. Its truely a very large waste of money, they grow so quickly. I gave so many things away that still had tags on it cause my daughter never got to wear it. Take hand me downs, shop at second hand stores, or if need be only buy at WalMart and Target. At least there you can normally get outfits for around $7 or so, and it isn't so hurtful on the pocketbook when they only wear it once!!
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You are right! I really need to hit some garage sales before summer is over, so I can stock up on some baby clothes for when she is a bit older....I simply can't afford to go out and buy her all new clothes everytime she outgrows the old ones. A few new outfits would be fine, but the majority of them need to be second hand so I can afford them!
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Work was awful, as usual. I had had my quota of stupid people by 9:00 a.m.

Thank God, Bill is grilling burgers, tonight! I had wonderful timing, yesterday - just as I pulled into the driveway, the pizza guy was walking up to the house. Papa John's new six-cheese pizza is great!

Debby - hand-me-downs and thrift stores are the only way to go. A friend of my mom's had a Down's Syndrome baby. He only lived 1 1/2 years. She gave me ALL of his clothes, for my first. I was so sorry for Diane (he was to be her only child) but I was grateful for the clothes. Except for Christmas and gifts from Grandma, my kids hardly ever got new clothes. I, also, have three younger brothers. There was this reversible jacket that was, originally bought for my oldest brother, in 1963. It, finally, retired in 1982, after three brothers and both of my sons.

The christening gown might be an investment and become a family heirloom. Properly stored, in acid-free tissue paper, it will last for a long, long time.
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I am off today. Went out dancing and drinking last night. no hangover amazingly..LOL!
Didn't really do much of anything today. got up at 11:30(went to bed at 4.) and fed the cats and fish and that's about all. Waited for honey to get home from work so we could go to Davenport to get cat and fish supplies. now am on the puter cruising the cat site.
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