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Sorry to make you my victims,

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But I need to vent...feel free to not reply, but I'm hoping that by venting I'll feel better.

This has got to be one of the worst weeks of my life...

1. I lose BB (just the icing on the cake)
2. My house is being replumbed, and as usual, it's taking a lot of time and money - my house is 34 years old, I can forgive it, but I can't for give the plumber for being an idiot - why?
3. He let Stevie out - Stevie is my entire male, and at the moment, *NEEDS* a female to mate with. Stevie got out yesterday, disappeared for 2 hours and when I finally found him, he was NOT ready to come home. He bit and scratched me causing the worst injuries I've ever had in my entire life with cats. All this while BB was at the vets', fight for his life.
4. I had to go to the ER to get myself treated and had now, I have to take two different types of antibiotics and today, I had to go see the Orthopod to check that Stevie didn't bite down on my nerves.
5. I'm now wearing a bracelet made of bandages on my right hand and darn it, my hand hurts!
6. I had to call BB's breeder with the news -

The only good news is that I can make a fist - my hand is not as badly injured as imagined, and I don't need stitches...

Okay, thanks for reading...I think I need a blog...
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I hope things get better for you!! At least it's Friday right?
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So sorry to hear about all this, especially BB. Life stuff is really hard. I'm sure things will start looking up very soon for you, and I'll be sending good thoughts your way.

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This is one of my worst weeks too, for very similar reasons. and both yesterday and today various workmen let cats escape - yesterday Ellie, Dushka and Wellington, today Dushka and Wellington. And you can imagine that a, they didn't want to come in as it was four days since they had been out, and b, I was so scared as I still don't know exactly where Napoleon found the poison. I am so sorry for your troubles and tragedy and I can only hope you find the healing, both physical and emotional, that I am so desperately looking for.
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Things all seem to happen at once, don't they?
WHY is it so darn difficult for workmen to grasp the concept that it's not alright to let people's pets out?!!
for you.
Hey, at least you can still make a fist, so maybe you can sort out the plumber!
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I don't know you need a blog so much as you need a hug.......You too Jenny!
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*Hugs* That all sounds terrible.

You should join Live Journal, there's a bunch of us on there.
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Oh I'm very sorry to hear about all the bad news... and I'm sorry to hear about BB. He will rest happily over the rainbow bridge, don't worry.

Here's some computer-hugs!


Each of those lines was a hug! I hope that helps!
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Lots of prayers and vibes comming your way sweetie! Feel free to pm me if you need to talk!
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Oh man, I'm sorry you're having a rough time.HUGS to you.
You too Jenny!
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Lots and lots of hugs!
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