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Things you cat does that makes you go GRRRRRR

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I love my babies. I really do. I have ten so I must love cats but man there are times they make me want to......well you know

First off there is Gizmo. My oldest and the Queen of the house. She refuses to use the litter box. I now have eight old towel/rugs that I leave one at a time on the bathroom floor that she will use as her "space" to do her business. Grrr she really steams my mean sometimes. I am sure if she had a box to herself she would use it but that is not possible in a household of 10 felines.

Then there is Jasper. I love her to death. She is a really sweety but her constant squeaks for attention get to me some days. If it were up to her she would get pets 24/7. I feel bad pushing her away sometimes but she is so persistant sometimes I just have to.

Third is Uno. She hassles the birds all the time. She has her face pressed against the bars or her paw sticking in the cage. I know she can't get to them but they rattle around and and squawk. Leave the dang birds alaone already!

And the fourth is Bob. He absolutly has to have his nose in everything. Every cupboard, basket, bag, box, bin or glass of whatever must have his nose poking in it. Well I guess I can give him some slack as he is only a little over four months but still. Bug off ya little nosey nose nose.

So what do your cats do that drives ya bonkers?
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Sounds like you have a handful! Tiggy is my biggest pest! Although I wouldn't change him for anything! He has to be in everyone's business, right there helping you do what your doing.........
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It makes me crazy when I'm feeding Maui- he HAS to be under my feet!!! He's been kicked on accident many times- you'd think he would learn!

The only thing the kittens do that drives me crazy is when Skunk tries to nurse on Smokey's "man parts" - ugh- I know he can't help it and it's because he was abandoned so young but it's so gross! He makes the sloppiest noises too
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The only irritating thing Wonton does isn't really that bad - and I'd hate it if he suddenly stopped - it's this ALWAYS having to be in my lap. I do cuddle him a ton, I really do, cos I love having a lapcat. But when he's been on my lap for four hours already, off and on throughout the day, and I come out to the computer with a mug of hot chocolate, and just want to relax, surf the net, and sip my hot chocolate, and then i feel "tap tap tap" on my leg, I look down, and it's Wonton wanting up on my lap, it's just like arggggh! And the thing is, he won't take no for an answer. if i dont move back and put the flat pillow on my lap and pat it in invitation, he'll just jump up on my desk and walk over and try to get in my lap that way. if i move something so he cant jump up on that side, he'll jump up on the otherside, and if he can't do that he'll just come back and sit down next to me and stare at me with huge eyes that say "dont you love me anymore, mommy?" and after about two minutes of that, I feel too guilty and let him up anyway. So yeah, sometimes I wish he didn't want to be on my lap QUITE so often. but honestly i know if he stopped, I'd probably come post here and say "Wonton doesnt like to get on my lap anymore "... so I just deal with it. He's just a lapcat-it's just who he is
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Fortunately, this hasn't happened lately...sometimes I've been eating and Snowball will be somewhere close by and in plain sight. Suddenly, he'll start coughing up a hairball. Well actually, this makes me go ewwwwwwwwwww!
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Coming home and finding my cat has decided the white burber carpet is the BEST place for a hairball.

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Duke will from the second I get in the house meow non stop until I feed him, even if he has food already (he thinks he needs a stockpile)
Sibohan likes to play with the curtain tiebacks so at lest once a day it suddely becomes dark in the living room.
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Carly starts meowing loudly and constantly from 3pm on every single time we go in the kitchen. She has dry food but wants her wet food which doesn't come until 6pm.

Lucy demanding to go in the basement by howling and jumping up in front of the door. I'm not sure, but I think she believes she can jump over it.

Much dragging every piece of clothing she can find downstairs. And telling us about it the whole time.
But I wouldn't trade them in for anything.
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When the kittens decide walking all over my laptop is a great idea...especially when I'm in the middle of writing a paper!!
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Ginger using the window screens to sharpen her claws on.

So far Ferris has just been adorable - give him time, there will be SOMETHING.
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The girls are pretty good, but I wish ONE of them was a lap cat!!!! Lily freaks out when you go near her (but is getting better, and doesn't mind being held now) and Stumpy just doesn't see the point in being held, or sitting on a lap. She's more than happy to lie on the ground and roll around and get lots of attention, but won't snuggle up to us

Lily LOVES attention in the middle of the night while I'm trying to sleep, and she snuggles up to me and purrrrrrrs, and I would love to be sleeping at 3am, but it's the only cuddles I get, so I pat and cuddle her until she settles down and falls asleep. I have SUCKER written across my forehead.
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OHHHHHHH that's what drives me nuts!!!! They have to play NASCAR kitties across our leather dining chairs!! We softpawed their front claws, so they cause a bit less damage now, and we've covered the actual seat part, but now the chairs look ugly!

And Stumpy has taken to balancing on the top part of the back of the chair so she can look outside from a SLIGHTLY higher spot, and digs her back claws into the leather to keep her balance!!!!
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Ari is one of those who likes to weave around your feet as you walk through the house. Not very smart with Mom or me - we aren't the most balanced people on the planet. I keep telling him it would VERY detrimental to his life if I fell on him.

Topaz thumps her tail - hard - against the bed when she sleeps next to you. Sometimes you get thumped, too.
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Let's see, Levi & Maggie have bad habbits but they don't make me crazy. The only thing Isaac does is that he tries to "heard" me where he wants me to go by leaning on my legs while I walk. He's been accidently kicked & steped on more times that I like to think about.
Jordan, well he has so many I don't think I can list them all but here are the top ones; pulling magnets off the fridge, knocking all knick kncack's on to the ground, trying to knock pictures off the wall and number one is probably knocking over the garbage can (he does that preety much every night). Don't get me wrong I love him, but he makes me nuts some days.
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Every morning when I get up, I go to my computer to check e-mail and sign onto AIM. Polly just has to play with the strings on my PJ pants. So, I've been tucking the strings into my pants when I get up. But she tries to grab and bite them anyway and pull them back out.

Prego walks on my computer desk between me and the monitor, so I can't read my computer.
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Were do I begin.. I love my cats.. I really do,, but they have some habits...

Angel is the alpha cat,, so she drives me nutz when I bring in a new cat or younger cat,, she thinks she gotta stalk them down, and make them feel her wrath,, and then she doesn't stop.. Over and over again... She also likes to be overly demanding as the queen of the house,, as to who gets my attention and who doesn't.... She cracks me up though..

Chessy is a doll baby.. She just irratates me every now and again when she tries to sharpen her claws on my big screen tv, the grill part that covers the speakers.. She just doesn't learn.. That an she is a fattty.. Seh can't wait for me to mix her soft food, she thinks she need to be up close and personal during the mixing..

Alex.. Well he's a boy who is nothin but trouble.. Most annoying thing,, is when i'm trying to get ready in the morning,, he wants loving.. and I just don't have the time....

But I love them to the ends of the earth..
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Okay, the only the I really have a problem with is how loud and demanding Gracie can be at times. It's like she actually thinks she's in charge and can order me around. I don't where she ever go that idea. It's not like I give in to her royal highness' every wish and command!
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I love my kitties to death...but Lucky's loud mouth can drive me to distraction sometimes. She has a way of making the most sad, pathetic whining noise....If i have company she'll sit by the back door and do this whining, and flop over like she's being tortured unmercifully by an evil meowmy that won't let her outside. About 10 minutes of this and I'm ready to pull out my hair!!!

Then she comes and cuddles on my chest and purrs and I forget all about it! :P
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Cable climbs up on top of the fridge & tries to open the cabinet doors there. there's nothing in them, but i'm afraid she'll get them open & then get shut up inside them. so i've got a steel box full of important papers in front of them. didn't stop her. so i balanced a container of stripper on top, so that, when she moves the box, the container falls down & scares her. ok, that works - for that time. but she'll be up there again & again!
Java fights me when i try to clip her nails & attach her soft paws. she also doesn't like it when i clean her eyes & nose. she also likes to get into things that smell minty - so menthol cigarettes are not safe around her!
Chip doesn't like to be brushed - & he needs it! i've got him gentled for being combed on his back, but i still can't comb his belly or behind. he spit up a doozy of a hairball the other day. i wish he'd let me brush him! [without trying to bite me, that is!]
Pixel is my good girl. about the only problem i have with her is she's incredibly difficult to medicate, since she doesn't like any treats, wet food, baby food, etc. fortunately, she's not sick often!
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Hee Hee - lot of familiar things in these posts. Tiki likes to help me with the computer. Before I got this desk, she could sit on my lap and I'd type away quite happily, but with the new computer desk, there's no room for that and she sits right in front of the monitor, staring soulfully into my eyes - tapping on my lip with her paw...claws slightly unsheathed if close to feed time... It's annoying - but funny at the same time.

The other thing she does which drives Rolf berserk is to piddle on the floor seconds before she's let out of her room in the morning. I don't know why she does it. Maybe she's excited or something. Unfortunately we have carpet. One day.....we are going to have a house without a piece of carpet in sight. Yep a cat-friendly house.
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Sophia poops and pees in the kitchen:Enough said!!!
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Both of mine have a tendency to either climb onto my lap or lie beside my head and then start washing themselves noisily. I've told them it's really not good manners to climb onto someone's lap and and then start washing your private parts, but they don't care much for etiquette Really bugs me though - I hate all those slurping and sucking sounds!
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Okay when I wake up for about the first 15 minutes I am not a pleasant person and Tavia meows very loudly for her breakfast and I am like honey let me get my eyes open first and then we can talk about breakfast. And Lilly the dog sits at my feet while I am in the bathroom and licks my leg.
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Koko has a toe fetish and will pounce on my bare feet and frantically lick my toes, but she does this ONLY in the kitchen when I'm trying to cook a meal.

Eightball is feral but can't get enough of me. He crawls on me and doesn't know how to settle down so paces back and forth on me, rubbing his head against any part of me that could serve as a scritching post. I've been trying to teach him the "if you settle down you get better scritches" game for 10 years now.

Scarlett wants her "meat" dinner at 7PM sharp every day. Starting about 6:45, she clearly lets you know its time to feed her and walks around chirping, meowing, clawing at you, and gets totally underfoot until she gets what she wants. Time changes are such an adustment for her!

Stumpy is alpha but also "captain bulemia". He gets his first share at the food bowl, but feels compelled to eat so much that he often throw it up. The worst of it is when he does it on the floor of the bedroom in the middle of the night and you step in it in the dark. The other night he decided to yack on my pillow. Gotta love him (right)!

Muddy gets into his "love me" mode and does not leave you alone. Usually he stands on his hind legs and reaches up to be picked up. If you fail to do so, he's been known to leap up in the air with the expectation that you will catch him and hold him. Once in your arms (with his front paws over your left, and only left, shoulder), he gives up when he decides its time. His love me mode sometimes lasts 5 minutes but sometimes goes on for hours. It's adorable until it goes on beyond 30 minutes.

Pinky is a stimulation biter. He loves his loving, but if you aren't watching the entire time when you pet him, he will tag you with his huge snow-shoe paws. He doesn't give you any warning so you have to watch the paws.

Spanky snuck outside a few months back and has decided he loves the great outdoors. Problem is that he is not dog savy and we have dogs in the area that run loose and attack cats. When he wants out, he walks around the house and literally screams. He doesn't get his way.
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As far as mischief goes, Trout is a very good cat..She has never had an accident out of the box, she is not too needy..just needy enough, and she doesn't mess anything up really...

Her only problem that really gets to me is the biting and hissing...She gets too involved with playing, so if I interrupt what she's doing she will hiss at me...and she loves biting me too. Its not like death bites or anything, but harder than I enjoy.

Oh!!, and she meows too the morning every morning on the weekend at 8am on the dot, I am putting the earplugs in
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Ophelia is a good girl. Seriously, she hates being in trouble for anything and learns from her brother Trent what is not OK according to the humans.

Trent is generally a good boy. He has hairballs, but he can't help that. What does drive me nuts is "Whiney Sunday". He knows what day Sunday is, and he will whine and cry all day for no apparent reason. I don't know what he wants. I play with him, he still whines. I snuggle him, he still whines. He doesn't like wet food and treats are given at night before bed. Funny thing is that if he gets confused and starts whining on Saturday, we can tell him "Honey, it's not Sunday - it's only Saturday" and he will stop. Go figure.

Ginger...well, she's a kitten still. She LOVES shoelaces which can be quite annoying when you're already late for work because she decided she needed to be on your shoulders while you're trying to put makeup on.
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I don't really have any problems with Monty or Heidy (well except for her drooling) its usually the 2 youngest that sometimes make me a little .

Ozkar is a 24/7 meowing cat. Usually when he is hungry which is ALL the time, but even after he has been fed. He just meows and meows and I am sure he knows what we are talking about when we are saying "SHUTUP Ozkar" he's heard it that many times, but he never listens, lol.

Sable gets in her "moods" especially when its coming up to a full moon. She will race around the house at full speeds, jumping on things she shouldnt, destroying furniture and banging screens.
She will also meow nonstop because she wants to go outside but cant, we will tell her to be quiet but she'll just meow louder. She also destroys anything made out of paper if she finds it on the floor. And sometimes for no reason she will sit in a room, stare at the wall and meow for no reason. She can be a handfull, lol.
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Sash waking mommy up every hour and 15 minutes all night long for food (sometimes I may get lucky and he goes 2 hours). He also has the tendency to nip sometimes if he doesn't get his way. He's such a spoiled brat....but I love him to pieces.
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