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Anyone feed Wysong?

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I have had my two cats on Hills ID dry and wet for a few months at the recommendation of my vet. The bacteria causing Bradon's intestinal issues appears to be finally eradicated and Kabou is now back to normal as well. We never did find out what caused her diarrhea and upset.

Anyway, I have been trying to switch them to one of the better brands of cat food. I have tried them all, Merricks, CA Natural, Natural Balance, Nutro, etc. and neither one of them like these canned foods. The only wet brand that Brandon will eat now is Fancy Feast pouches, which I am not crazy about, but he seems to be doing okay with it. Kabou on the other hand just can't get excited about any of them. She will take a few bites, walk away then come back later to eat most of it, but with little enthusiasm.

So, my question is, do any of you feed Wysong and do your cats like it? Which kinds do you feed because their website is a little confusing in that they recommend rotating the foods, but with some of the items they are recommending supplementing with a powder. Sounds complicated. Any input would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
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I feed in the rotation the AU jus formula .... It is not complete so you would need a supplement or to rotate it with complete foods
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Hi, I feed him Wysong - when he was a little, little baby (not so long ago) I fed him dry Wysong Nurture with Pheasant and he liked it very much. It has little pieces of dried pheasant mixed with the kibble. Now he is 100% off dry food so .. totally different story.

We tried the canned Wysong Gourmet and the All Meat lines. He does not particularly like them but eats the seafood and chicken.

He has always been fond of the Wysong treats.

Now about the Archetype line, which is Wysong' s best - dried, cold processed, high protein ...he is crazy about the Archetype burgers. He asks for them every day (by sitting in front of the cabinet where the box is) and after he has a bit of the burgers he becomes very energetic, almost always plays, runs like crazy (almost 50% protein in it). We tried regular Archetype and Archetype Buffet (which can be mixed with water or not) - he liked them a little but not terribly, so we are stuck with Archetype Burgers only. I guess because of the high protein in these foods it is easy for a cat to become overly enthusiastic even addicted with it. For me this is ok since i wanted him to put on some weight, be energetic and have some fun.

But .. while I give a little Archetype Burgers every day, and few Wysong treats 2 -3 times a week, I rotate quite a lot the canned food .. with Azmira, Prairie, Innova, Wysong and sometimes others.

Please note that some of the powders of Wysong are meant for raw diets. When I first ordered Wysong I was just as confused with all these powders and extras, but they might not be necessary at all. You can call the company, the reps are quite knowledgeable.

I like the variety/ rotation principle, I think it is common sense not to get too much of a thing about which I am not sure if it is good or bad.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks so much for the replies and great information. It was very helpful. I'll also take your suggestion and give Wysong a call. Thanks again.
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