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supplement for raw

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Hey guys

Just have a quick question for those who feed raw. What supplements do you feed with your raw diet? I use k9 complete for my dogs and just wanted to make sure that the feline complete would work for my cat and also get an idea what others use. Here's the link http://www.thewholisticpet.com/categ...TOKEN=96789931

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That doesnt look like a complete supplement and with garlic and hydrolyzed whitefish I would not touch it
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Thanks do you feed raw? do you know a good supplement to use?
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I feed raw. I recommend "Wysong call of the wild" as a good supplement.

It does contain garlic, and although garlic is a cousin plant to onion, garlic has not been shown to cause ill effects in healthy cats and is included in many high end cat foods. Onion is a no-no for cats.

Dr. Pitcairn, a published author on cat & dog health and veterinarian with a PHD in immunology, is one of many who recommend garlic as a supplement used in moderation for cats and dogs.

Here's a link to Wysong: Wysong
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