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URI or Allergy?

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My cat Astrid sounds sort of "snuffly" once in awhile but doesn't have any nasal discharge, runny eyes or any other indication of having a cold. She sneezes once in a while (not even every day) but not regularly. She plays, runs, eats etc. She almost sounds like she has post-nasal drip. Before I take her to the vet (and all the trauma to her and me associated with that) I was wondering if she could be having stuffy allergy symptoms like me? Due to the pollen etc. in the air I have been more stuffy than usual, but not sick. Do cats gets allergies besides to food? I just noticed it this week. I will take her the vet if it gets worse or I think there is something really wrong, but it is just weird.
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Yes, cats have allergies to stuff in the air just like humans do. If you can find a HEPA air filter, try that out. I'd also get a HEPA vacuum. Gizmo used to have asthma attacks after the cleaners used their own vacuum--I now have them using mine, and the attacks stopped.

My two air filters have done a great job keeping both of us healthy! (I have allergies too)
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I can't help much except to say I had an elderly cat that was diagnosed with asthma. She didn't sneeze, but wheezed when she breathed. I imagine cats can have seasonal allergies, but dunno.
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Gizzy had/has asthma AND allergies. Poor little thing.

But she's done a hundred per cent better since I got the air filters. No wheezing for three months now!
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Thanks - I hadn't noticed any wheezing just sort of snorting; I will have the vet pay special attention when I take her for her shots etc. soon. She seems fine otherwise. Poor baby. I will really have to be more diligent about the dust and cleaning. I have to admit I can be a slacker with that sometimes. And I will look into filters.
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Everytime we have a change in the weather during the spring and fall, my cats sneeze, rub their eyes, and rub their ears. Hannah's eyes also start watering. When this starts, I give them L-Lysine tablets crushed in their food and it really helps them.

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Gizmo gets l-lysine for her feline herpes.

I just started her on CQ-10 (vitamin Q) three days ago and the crust in her nose is gone for the first time in nearly a year!
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